October 2014

Friday, 31 October 2014

Another month zoom by again. Super fast, don't you feel so? Christmas is just around the corner.

Here's how our October went.

The boys has a rolling good time at Changi Airport. More about this coming up.

The hazy weather and the 'on-the-road-to-recovery' boys means we can't go swimming in a public pool. So we had our own water play at home! They had a splashing good time.

In an attempt to let the boys do more learning. I made a Zipper Board which is good for fine motor and pre-writing skills for Big J. They also had some mess-free painting on the chalkboard. We tried to save the frozen animals too (more about this in another post).

As October is the month of Halloween, we went to the River Safari and the Safari Boo event. 

Of course, there's also our weekly dose of playground fun. If you notice, there are little shots of Big J because he was too fast to be captured. I also burnt myself while sliding down the super long slides with Small J on two occasions. Clumsy me.

At Amazonia

At Kidz Amaze

Here are more random shots that we have taken this month.

Small J still loves dancing on the table

And ransacking the drawers and cabinets in the house

The drinking buddies

How was your October?

Weekend Wanderings: River Safari + Safari Boo

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Last week we were at the River Safari, just in time for the Safari Boo Halloween Event too.

The park is decorated with lots of cute Halloween decors.

There are many such funny riddles around. Spot them and have a good laugh.

We started at the rivers.


These cranes look so peaceful

The highlight of River Safari is of course the Pandas. Jia Jia and Kai Kai, here we come!

Red Panda

Kai Kai eating away. Didn't managed to see Jia Jia.
Happily sitting on the Panda

More decorations

Up close with the squirrel monkey

The monkeys are in the Halloween mood too

We moved on to the Amazon Flooded Forest.

The big aquarium

The Manatees

Small J was so captivated by the fishes swimming around

He thought this is real?

Giant River Otter. The way they move together as a family is so cute!

We were back at the entrance and the Safari Boo event has just started. We saw a lot of people coming in at this time and the park gets crowded very soon. We saw many children who were dressed up to the Halloween theme and they look super cute. See the photos on their Facebook page.

Guess who is brewing something in the house?

Photo with Mr Vampire

Photo with Ms Mermaid

Digging for dinosaurs bones

A Wizard

That was our day from day to night. We didn't managed to take part in all of the Safari Boo events because it was too crowded and the boys were tired too. 

Safari Boo will continue this weekend and kids get to enter for free after 6pm! Do check out the website for more information.

River Safari
Opening Hours: 9.00am to 6.00pm daily (Last ticket sale at 5.00pm)
80 Mandai Lake Road 
Singapore 729826 
Tel: (65) 6269 3411

Safari Boo - A Merry-Not-Scary Kids Event
22, 25, 26 Oct & 01, 02 Nov 2014
6.00pm to 9.00pm (Last admission 8pm)
Free admission for all kids (below 12 years old) from 6pm

Water Painting

Sunday, 26 October 2014

This is a very easy and mess-free activity for the kids.

All you need is a dirty chalkboard, paintbrush and a bowl of water.

Both Js painting away

Almost done

A clean board

Big J decided to try again. He drew on the board and paint away with water again.

DIY Super Mini Swimming Pool

Thursday, 23 October 2014

It has been a super long time since we last went swimming. The boys are still recovering from their flu and the weather has been hazy or rainy recently. 

We were at Ikea and saw this shallow bin which costs only $9! We immediately thought that it could be used for waterplay or other sensory activities for the kids. 

Here's our very mini swimming pool for the boys.

It is always a blessing to see the two of them playing together

We set up the bin with water and threw in some bowls, cups, spoons, scoops and watering can. They were super happy when they saw this. It surprised us that they were willing to play by the side of the pool. We thought they will jump into the pool immediately.

Yeah for waterplay!


And the moment came when Big J realised that  he can jump into the pool! Look at his expression!

I love swimming!

And Didi joined in too

It's raining! The boys trying to get out of the rain.

We use warm water and close the windows while they were playing. The floor can be quite slippery so do lay down some towels around the bin. We play in the kitchen and the water was used to wash the kitchen's floor. No water wasted. As with all play activities, do not leave the kids alone. Join them in the play!

Learning points:

- Scooping, Pouring, Transferring and Splashing. All these are good for strengthening the hands muscles. 
- Sharing and Turn-taking
- Warm and Cold
- To be careful when walking around the wet area and going in and out of the pool.

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