10 Easy Steps to Share a Filet-O-Fish with your Toddler

by - Thursday, October 02, 2014

The other day, we were having dinner at McDonald's. I ordered a Filet-O-Fish for myself. The little boy was seated beside me and he kept on trying to snatch my precious burger. 'Mum mum mum' were his words.

Me: No, baby can't eat this.
J: Mum mum mum.
Me: No, no. You can eat your snacks.
J: (Shoves the snack away) No! (Wow..he said 'No'! At least this was what I thought I heard.)
J: Points at burger, Mum mum mum
Me: Thinking that the bread should be fine and proceed to pinch of the bread for him to eat.
J: Happily eating away.

Enjoying his hard-earned burger
Here are 10 easy steps to sharing a burger with a toddler:
1) Open the box and let baby looks at it with awe.
2) Take a bite and try to make an expression that says 'Delicious!'
3) Baby starts snatching burger from you.
4) Reject baby's request.
5) Baby continues with snatching. Never wanting to give up at all.
6) Give in to baby's persistence.
7) Peel off the skin of the burger. Don't ask me why, I simply have this habit.
8) Pinch off the white parts of the burger for baby. Try to exclude those parts that have the sauce.
9) Give baby a portion and be amused by his expression of winning the battle.
10) Continue eating your portion of burger, which becomes very small now.

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