Js Eat: Simple Stir Fry Pasta

by - Friday, October 10, 2014

Small J is 15 months now and most of the time he will be sharing the same food as us. This saves me the effort to cook a separate porridge for him and also encourages us to eat more healthily for his sake. Usually, I will cook a soup, steam a fish / egg / meat, and a simple veggi dish. 

This day, I prepared this simple Stir Fry Pasta for the family. The texture is just great for Small J to pick and eat by himself.

Stir Fry Pasta

Simple Stir Fry Pasta

Minced meat
Oyster mushroom
Olive oil
Basil or Spice of your choice
Pasta of your choice

Stir Fry Pasta

1) Steam the Broccoli and Carrots. I steam these first so that they can cook faster during the stir fry later. Steaming also makes the texture softer so that it is easier for Small J to chew. 

2) Cook the pasta in a separate pot of boiling water. I added a pinch of salt and drizzle some olive oil into the water. After I drain off the water, I rinse the pasta in cold water to wash off the salt water and to stop the pasta from continuing cooking.

3) Heat up a pan and drizzle some olive oil. I use a non-stick pan so minimum oil is needed.

4) Add in garlic and fry till fragrant. 

5) Add in the minced meat and stir fry.

6) Add in oyster mushroom and fry.

7) Add in steamed broccoli and carrots and give a quick stir.

8) Add in cooked pasta. 

9) Sprinkle some basil. You can add other choice of spice. 

10) Stir everything together to mix the ingredients together and serve.

For adults, you can dish out the portion for the children first and add in some seasoning in Step 10. 

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