My Three and a Half

by - Wednesday, October 08, 2014

We have to watch our words when we are talking around Big J. He might be busy running or climbing around, or busy with his toys, or even busy watching TV, but he can hear everything we say and is able to pick it up instantly.


The hubby and I have this habit of saying 'Oh Shit'. Example, when we forget something or something went wrong, we would say 'Oh Shit!'

So one day, Big J was eating and the food dropped onto the floor.

J: Oh Shit! My food dropped.
Me (thinking): GASP! Where did he learn that word from?!
Me: It's ok darling, we can pick it up. But you don't say 'Oh Shit', it is not nice. You can say 'Oh No'.
J: 'Oh Shit' is Daddy say one. I say 'Oh No'.
Me: -_-||| That's right darling.


This boy sometimes makes us really angry. But when he's good, he is really such a sweetie.

This day, as usual, I went to pick him up from school. Usually he will take a super long time to put on his shoes and when he is done, he will run straight for the playground. On this day, he puts on his shoes super fast, and when we are out of the childcare, he didn't run off!

J: Lai Mummy, hold my hand, we go to the other playground.
Me: You don't want to play at this playground?
J: I don't want. Come Mummy, follow me. We walk together.
Me: heart all melts

But after the playground, he's back to his cheeky self.


This day, I was feeling sick but still have to go to work. We were running late and Big J was taking his own sweet time.

Me: J, hurry up. Mummy is sick. My head is very pain.
J: Go see doctor, take MC.


We were walking home with Small J sitting in the stroller. Big J wanted to sit and ask Daddy to carry Small J so that he could sit.

J: Daddy, I'm sick. I need to lie down.
Daddy: Cannot, Didi is sitting you see.
J: But I sick leh. 
Not willing to give up, he continued.
J: Daddy, carry Didi. Didi wants to carry. He loves you, Daddy.


This is from his childcare teacher.

He was eating biscuits together with his friends. Everybody was given one piece of biscuit but J took two pieces. His teacher told him that each person can only take one biscuit.

Know what he did?

He quickly popped one of the biscuits into his mouth, wave his hand with the other biscuit and say:
'I have one biscuit only!'

My cheeky boy.


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