Weekend Wanderings: Changi Airport

by - Friday, November 07, 2014

I remember when Big J was still learning to walk, we brought him to Changi Airport. Being a first class airport, fully air-conditioned and carpeted, where else could be a better place for a toddler to learn walking.

Small J has been walking very steadily and doesn't need more walking practice. But we still want to make our journey to the far east for some fun!

We were at the Basement of Terminal 3 and the boys spent quite a while looking at the fountain. Small J was especially excited when the water shoots out.

We went to rent the stroller. Even though we had come here for quite a number of times, this was the first time we finally got the strollers. See how comfortable the strollers are that they were almost falling asleep.

We proceeded to the 'walking + rolling' area. This is the area right at the end of the Departure Hall at Terminal 3, just behind Coffee Club. This place is quite empty and big enough for both Js to play at. 

Kor Kor, what are you doing?

Argh! Daddy!

Let's roll!

Next, we were off to see the planes of course. Along the way to Terminal 1, we couldn't miss the Kinetic Rain display. Looking at the raindrops can be quite therapeutic.

For viewing of planes, we like to go to the Viewing Gallery at Terminal 1. We can get a closer look at the planes from here. We spent some time talking about the plane, where it goes, how it has big wings, etc. It's a pity that we were not able to see the landing and taking off of the planes from here. I remember when I came to the Airport as a kid, I was able to see planes taking off and landing on the runway. Not sure why they have taken it away. Or else, this could be a very good learning opportunity for the kids.

Both Js could only listen to me for a while before they ran off to this playground.

I would actually preferred the playground to be somewhere else. Which kid would still be interested in learning about planes when there is a playground right in front of them? The Canopy Playground is free for all. So, you can imagine how rowdy the place is.

Next to the Canopy Playground, there is a woodblock rubbing station. Papers and crayons are provided for visitors to do woodblock rubbing that depicts the Singapore scene from the 50s and 60s. You could also use these to let your child do colouring or drawing.

Changi Airport is also a great place to do shopping because you do not need to pay the 7% GST here. It is a great place for the whole family to eat, shop, play and learn.

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  1. We love love love the airport too! Love the Kinetic Rain display. Love that it's so clean all around. Love the views. Love the variety of food options. Love hopping on the sky train. Love the free play areas! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

    By the way how come you had to rent the stroller thingie, we usually get them for free!

    Thanks for linking up with Fun for Free Friday :)

    1. We love the airport too. But we don't get to go there all the time because it's too far for us. The stroller is free but we always didn't get to borrow it, always out of stock. Maybe we were too unlucky.