A Staycation @ RWS - Day 1: Port of Lost Wonder, Sentosa Playcation, Crane Dance

by - Tuesday, December 23, 2014

After settling down in our room, we are off to Port of Lost Wonder (POLW). We took the Sentosa Express to Beach Station. POLW is within walking distant from the train station. However, we decided to take the Sentosa Beach Tram instead, because it is a new experience for Small J. 

Mummy, we are going to see this big bear right?
Yes Darling, after POLW ok?

Walking to the tram station

Looking all stunned on the tram

POLW is just one stop away. I didn't managed to take more pictures of POLW because we can't wait to start playing. Plus, our camera and phone are not waterproof, so it is very difficult to keep carrying them around and putting them back again after use.

The Pirate Ship

After we are done at POLW, we went to the Playcation event which is located at Palawan Beach, just beside POLW. While we were walking there, we came across this mini-playground, which are mini version of some of the famous playgrounds in Singapore. Small J enjoys the slide and see-saw the most!

We continued our way to Sentosa Playcation 2014 event. 

The super big bear we met earlier at the train station

Toyland, where all the toys come in extra large size

Big unicorn, Small baby

This is the play area which requires admission fees of $6 per 20 mins.
In the Playtent, there are slides and bouncing castle, ball pit, a bull challenge and others. 

We went back to our hotel to freshen up and went for dinner at RWS. After dinner we went to watch the Crane Dance. This is a free admission show and takes place at 9pm every night at the Waterfront. This show is about a pair of mechanical cranes and how their love for each other transforms them into real birds. The show comes with fantastic lightings and water effect and ends with fireworks. A pretty breathtaking show and definitely worth your time. Do be there earlier to chop seats as the crowd can be quite big especially on weekends. It's free!

We went to watch another show 'Lake of Dreams' which starts at 9.30pm. To be frank, there's nothing much about this show and you could jolly well skip it. Small J is really tired and we went back to our hotel for the night.

That's the end of our Day 1. Stay tuned for Day 2 as we our fun continues! You can read about the rest of our staycation at the following links:

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