November 2014

by - Friday, December 05, 2014

November came and gone. How was your November?

While November marks the start of the school holidays for many school-going kids, the month was pretty much the same for us. Boys continue to go to childcare and grandma's while both daddy and myself continue to work. 

The brothers playing with the activity cube in the morning

Many families are going overseas during this holiday season. As much as we love to go overseas with the kids, we had finished using our leave for the year. However, we had a short getaway of 3D2N Staycation at Sentosa. Sadly to say, Big J was not able to join us because he was sick.

Poor Big J had these rashes all over his body and face

He suddenly had a fever on the eve of our planned holiday. The next day, rashes broke out all over his body and face. A trip to the doctor suggested that it could be measles. The poor boy had to be quarantined.

Daddy, Small J and myself enjoyed our stay at Sentosa, although we really missed Big J. I will be sharing more about our fun at Sentosa in another post.

Why is Kor Kor not here with us?

Earlier during the month, we were blessed to be invited to a Christmas event at Ding Tai Fung. The event was very meaningful. Beneficiaries from the Children's Cancer Foundation and DTF's Facebook Fans gathered together for a Xiao Long Bao making workshop and an early Christmas celebration. It reminded us that we should share our joy will those around us. We had a fun time learning to make Xiao Long Bao, especially Big J who had such a good time with the flour. We were also treated to a scrumptious high tea by DTF, which are all our favourite dishes.

Making Xiao Long Bao

At the end of the month, we received Big J's school portfolio. This term, he was learning about animals, insects, fruits and vegetables. These are some of the art work that he had done for this term.

Everytime when we received his portfolio, we will realise how fast he has grown. His colourings are more visible and is able to stay within the lines better than last term. He has also been singing the rhymes he learnt from school. And he is really into counting nowadays.

Some of the random shots taken this month.

Can you guess what Small J is doing?

We never regret getting this Cruzee for Big J.
He absolutely loves it, riding it every day.
He is even willing to pose a photo with his bike.

He asked for the lemon and this is his expression after tasting the lemon. Love his toothy grin!

As we approach the last month of the year, here is a list of Christmas events happening in Singapore. Some of them last into 2015. Be sure to catch these great places before the year ends.

If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas, here is a list of gifts that you can refer to.

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  1. I love your kids expression! V nice

    1. Thanks Collin. I believe that all kids have very nice expressions. Especially on the eyes of the parents.

  2. Hi

    May I know where did u buy the activity cube from? I am interested to get one for my son.

    And just wondering what kind of olive oil did you used to cook the Stir Fry Pasta that was post on 10 October 2014-12-09
    Really enjoy reading your posts 


    1. Hi Yuna, I got the activity cube from a friend. For the olive oil, I am using the normal olive oil which is easily available in the supermarket. It should say that the oil is suitable for stir-fry on the label.