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Dear J,

Congrats on turning 18! 18 months might seems like a long time, but to me, it seems like you were just born into my arms. 

This is you when you were just 1 day old.

And this is you now at 18 months old. Except for the amount of hair which looks pretty much the same, you look so different now.

You are such a confident toddler. You can walk, run, climb anywhere. You always give me a heart attack when I see you on the table. You can climb up and down the stairs holding on to our hands or the wall.

You are still a big drooler. All your photos show you with a bib all the time. I do hope you will stop drooling soon because you drip your saliva all over the floor everywhere you go and leaving the smell of your saliva on us. Ewwee... Most of your teeth are already out. The truth is I didn't really count the number of teeth you have. 

Your favourite toy is ball. Whenever you see anything that is round, you will go 'ba ba' (ball) and you will get angry if you can't get the ball. You love throwing and kicking the ball. Seeing the way you kick the ball is so cute!

Another favourite of yours is car. Which is Kor Kor's favourite too. So we often see the two of you fighting over the toys. You show that you are not a push over by shouting louder and fighting fiercer than Kor Kor. Oh... I can imagine more fights between you two in the future.

Your favourite word is 'mum mum' as in food. Everything that looks edible to you is food! It doesn't matter if it is really edible or not or how it taste, you just simply want to put them into your mouth. After eating or drinking your milk, you will return the bottle or bowl back to the kitchen sink and give yourself a big clap. Good job!

Here are some of the words that you are using now:
Ba Ba (Daddy)
Ma Ma (Mummy...that's me!)
Kor Kor
Ba Ba (Ball)
Mum Mum (Food / Eat)
Bao (Bread)
Pain Pain
Mo Mo (No more)
No (Nose)
Yeas (Yes and nods head)
No (No and shakes head)
Bas (Bus)

You also understand words that we say because when we ask you, you are able to point to the object. You know how to bring your shoes to us when we are going out and to keep your shoes back when we are back.

Just recently, we went to West Coast Park for some sand play. You love exploring the sand and spend the whole evening there digging, pouring the sand into the bucket and then pouring everything out and start over again. So go on and explore the world!

Lots of love, hugs and kisses,
Kor Kor

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