January 2015

by - Saturday, January 31, 2015

It's a new year! A new beginning! 

I have made myself a number of resolutions, but I shall not divulge them on the blog because I am not a good keeper of resolutions. Yes, all my past years resolutions all ended without fulfilling or got rolled over to the following year.

And because this year marks a very important turning point in my life, I have told myself to pull up my socks real high to make this year a fulfilling one. 

This month, I tendered my resignation from work. Not to job-hop, but to take on a very important job that has been calling for me for quite some time. I have been on this job on a part-time basis and as much as I would like to put in 100% of my time into it, it wasn't possible in the past. Now is the right time. I am going to be a Full Time Mother in a month's time! Come clap for me!

Here's what we have been up to this month.

We went to West Coast Park for some riding and sand play. Small J initially didn't dare to go to the sand area and koala bear to me. After some encouragement and showing him how the sand feels like, he was able to enjoy it. After a while, he don't mind having sand all over him and spend the rest of the evening digging and pouring sand.

We had our usual outdoor / playground time.

We tried out Zoomoov and it was so fun for the boys. It costs $5 per ride and $10 for 3 rides. We bought 3 rides. Each ride is about 5 minutes.

Since we are just one month away from Chinese New Year, we are busy doing spring cleaning almost every weekends. We had tackled the kitchen and our bedroom. Coming up next will the the playroom and the living room. There's going to be more de-cluttering to do.

On the blog front, I am busy preparing for my upcoming series which will be published in March. I have also been planning learning activities to do with the boys. Busy months ahead! But it's going to be fulfilling!

In preparation of being a full time Mom, I have been training real hard on my cooking skills. I wrote down all the dishes that I have prepared in My Cooking Journey.

January is also the month when Small J turns Eighteen. I am hoping see more of his milestones in the future.

I recently wrote about the Guilts that I faced during the past 3 years plus of motherhood. I am glad that these guilts will get lesser as I become a full time Mom.

So, cheers to a new beginning!

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  1. yay!! being a stay home mom is fulfilling and exciting at the same time! now that i have to go back to work, i somehow wish i can return to being a stay home mom again!

    1. Hey Ruth, maybe you can consider being a SAHM again in a few years time? Both FTWMs and SAHMs have their pros and cons. I'm hoping that I will be able perform well on my new role .