Mommy's Guilt

by - Monday, January 12, 2015

Ever felt guilty towards your children on your parenting journey? These are 10 moments which I felt super guilty and sorry for both Js.

1) When I have to wake them up super early in the morning because I need to leave for work.

2) When I have to leave them behind crying because I need to rush for work after leaving them at the care arrangement.

3) When I am spending more time at work looking at the computer than looking at them. 

4) When I have to hide in the kitchen to drink that glass of cold drink or eat that ice-cream because they are sick and I do not want to disappoint them because they can't have it.

5) When I am out on a couple date and feeling all guilty of leaving them at home.

6) When bringing both of them for an outing alone is impossible and I can only choose one of them to bring along.

7) When they are sick and I am hoping that I am the one who is sick to take away their sufferings.

8) When I think I am the one who passed the virus to them causing them to be sick.

9) When I am sick and not being able to kiss or hug them or to play with them.

10) When I feel that I am not doing the best I can even though they might feel that I am the most wonderful mummy in the world to them.

What are your Mommy's Guilt?

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