My Cooking Journey #5: One Pot Fish & Mushroom Pasta

by - Thursday, January 08, 2015

I love cooking one pot meals because it is so easy to clean up. Just need to wash a pot after cooking! One pot meals is a must learn for busy moms. don't even need to learn because it is so easy peasy.

I first came across this One-Pan Pasta from Martha Stewart. I didn't know that we could so easily cook a pot of pasta. I cook pasta quite often even before I came to know of this recipe because Big J loves any kind of noodles dishes. I used to think cooking pasta is quite inconvenient because you need to cook the pasta in a pot and the ingredients in another pan. The sizzling of the ingredients on the pan also means oil splattering all over. So, one pot pasta is really a great saviour especially during crazy busy time.

You can basically include any ingredients you like, add water and boil it out. Since this is so versatile, I have cooked different versions before. This time I cooked a One Pot Fish Pasta.


The Basics:
1 punnet Cherry Tomato
Pasta of your choice
1 Onion
2 cloves Garlic (or more if you like)
2 tbsp Olive Oil
1/2 tsp Salt
Water (slightly less than the ingredients)

The Variations:
Sliced Fish
Baby Corn
Spices (Eg Italian spices, basils, rosemary, etc)


1. Place everything in a pot.
2. Pour water into the pot. The amount of water should be slightly less than the ingredients.
3. Turn heat on high and let it boil.
4. Stir and turn the pasta and let it cook till the water has almost evaporated.
5. Serve.

A lovely plate of pasta. It is sweet with a tangy taste of tomatoes. I tend to cook it more soupy because we like the gravy. The boys slurped up all the pasta. 

If you like a more creamy pasta, you could add in milk or cream. You can also add chicken, pork, prawns, scallops or vegetables. For healthier version, you can leave out the salt and butter. It's all up to you!

Note: You might need to add in the ingredients at different timing especially when you have ingredients that tends to overcooked or some that takes a longer time to cook. For example, the next time I cook this again, I would want to add in the fish last because fish cooks very fast and it might be overcooked.

Food sharing: I share this with my 3 years old preschooler and 18 months old toddler.

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