5 Things I Will Do Differently in 2015

by - Friday, February 06, 2015

2015 is a significant year for me. I will become a SAHM in a few weeks time and I have plans to make my family's and my life more meaningful. Here are 5 things I will try to do differently this year in the hope of improving my life.

1. More home-cooked meals

I want our family to eat more healthily, hence there will be more home-cooked meals for us. I am not a very good cook but I will try my best to cook something edible for the family. Follow me on My Cooking Journey.

2. Do up a cleaning schedule and do some cleaning and organising everyday

Or at least every alternate days. I have watched videos on organising and learnt how important it is to do a little cleaning each day instead of doing everything once a week or a month. I am planning to work out a cleaning schedule and set aside 30 minutes to an hour everyday to clean up the house. It could be wiping the surfaces of tables and cabinets, putting away things or vacuum the floor.

3. More play-learning activities

The main reason of me deciding to be a SAHM is to be there to teach both Js. I am hoping to do more play-learning activities with them. There will also be more outdoor activities. Check out these 100 Reasons to Spend 1000 Hours Outside.

4. Disconnect to reconnect

I have to confess that I spend quite a number of hours on my phone, checking emails and social media. I am very guilty of this. This year I have decided to stop using my phone when I am with the boys. I want to be with them and not to be on social media. I also have a bad habit of looking at the phone when I am walking. I want to kick this habit too. No more looking at the phone while walking.

5. More heart to heart conversations with hubby

Ever since we had kids, we seldom sit down and have a proper conversation. Most often, we will be doing our own stuffs after both Js are asleep. I really hope we can set aside 15 minutes to talk and to reconnect with each other again. So Dear, if you are reading this, let's do this together ok?

There, these are my 5 things I wish to do differently this year. I hope this inspires you to make some changes to your life too. If there is something which you have always wanted to do, take some time and think about how you can take small steps towards achieving it.


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Christy is a FTWM who has 3 lovely children. Recently, she has a career transition at the peak of her busiest motherhood years and she has hardly time to breathe. However, she is determined to focus on the finer details in life through 5 things that she thinks are paramount to living happily and living in the moment. If right now, you are living a busy life like her, her 5 things on her list may resonate well with you. Stay tune to Kids 'R' Simple and read on!

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