All About Me

by - Monday, February 16, 2015

Every term, Big J's childcare will have a parent-child project, where the parent and child will have to work on a craft together. The theme for this term is 'All About Me'. We are supposed to do something that goes along the theme.

We did a book which chronicles the growing up years of Big J.

I selected a few pictures of him, printed and cut them out. I also made pages which shows some of the important milestones of his growing up years, for example, his birthdays, things that he can do or his favourite activities.

I showed Big J the photos and we talked about them. I was feeling all sentimental as we talked about the past. My baby is growing too fast! Then, I show him the pages of the book and I read out the sentences. He choose the photo and stick it onto the page.

After he had finished sticking all the photos, we decorated the cover page. Since he couldn't write, I took his hand and we wrote down the title of the book. He pasted some stickers and scribble a bit on the cover.

After this, I stapled the pages together to form a book.

There, a simple book about Big J which he loves reading nowadays. Try this out with your child too!

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  1. Simple and meaningful way of learning language! : ) appreciate this a lot! Sharing on my GH fb. Thanks!am sure J cannot be happier reading.

    1. Sure Angie, go ahead and share the post. Hope other parents will do this together with their kids too.

  2. This is a nice idea! It's like a walkdown memory lane with the little one.... i'm sure he had fun looking at photos and discussing with mummy :)


    1. It was really good to talk about the past with J. We talked about how he was such a small baby and now a big boy. It was quite touching actually.