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February is a short month and Lunar New Year falls in this month too. The festivities certainly makes the month seems to pass by too fast. 

We try as much as possible to have some outdoor play during the weekends. The boys are having a running competition to see who can runs the fastest. Big J obviously won the race.

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Then, Small J had some workout on the monkey bar with some help from daddy!

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Small J favourite word nowadays, shh... When he sees a cat, a baby or a fish, he will goes shh... (meaning to keep quiet because they are sleeping). I love the way he says that and how he puts his finger on his nose. He has the exact same pose for saying 'nose' too.

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Love the look of magic in his eyes.

As for Chinese New Year, we didn't managed to take much photos. Here's one from Big J wishing everyone a Prosperous Lunar New Year!!

Of course, February is also the month that I officially become a full time mother. It has been almost a week since I started this new job. I must say that it is more tiring than working. Plus, the fact that we have all fallen sick, most of my time is spent looking after the sick boys and lying on the bed as I KO-ed from the medicines. Hoping everyone to get well soon.

We also did a review of My Messy Box and I have a box to giveaway! Do take part and support.

Take care and into March we go!

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