I Got My Dream Job - SAHM

by - Monday, February 23, 2015

Four days of holidays are over. While many people get back to their usual job, I got myself a new job. I have survived my first day as a full-time mother! It wasn't too bad because I only need to take care of one of the boys. Big J is continuing his childcare until the end of this month, so this week is still like a vacation week for me.

Small J is sick and he pretty much slept and laze through the day, but he needs me to stay beside him. When I went off, he came and drag me to the room to laze around with him. Today, I managed to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, fetch Big J from the childcare, give them and myself a bath and even catch a small nap with Small J. Not a bad start on my new job.


I remember when I was a secondary school girl, my teacher asked the class what our ambition was. I answered 'To be a Tai Tai'. Raise your hand if you have the same dream as me.

So now, I officially have my dream come true! I quitted my job and now declare myself a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM)!

But, a SAHM is not the same as a Tai Tai! Yes, I know. A SAHM has much more things to handle and have to worry about money. Definitely not a glam Tai Tai. However, apart from the material aspects, being a SAHM is so much more fulfilling and enjoyable than being a Tai Tai. I know when I am with my kids, I can laugh my heart out, I can roll around with them or do funny stances together. Being able to stay by the side of the kids when they achieve their milestones will be my greatest satisfaction.  

I got a lot of questions from people around me when they know that I'm quitting my job.

1) Why you quit?
Because of reasons that I can't say here.
Because I want to spend more time with my family.
Because I don't want to miss more milestones that the kids are achieving. I have already missed a whole lot of them! The kids only have one childhood while I can find another job in the future.

2) Your degree wasted already.
Nope. My current job doesn't make full use of my degree knowledge anyway. With my knowledge I believe I can guide and teach my children better. Teaching them and being there for them as they grow, is much more value-added than sitting in the office.

3) No money how?
船到桥头, 自然直. Money can be earned. But the growing up years of the kids will not come back again once you passed this stage. Budget will be tight for sure but we can cut down on unnecessary spendings and be more frugal.

4) Wah.. good life leh, become Tai Tai liao.
Erm... not really. Which Tai Tai needs to chase after kids, do housework, spend cautiously, dressed in tees and shorts, be a teacher, cook, doctor, etc? SAHM don't stay at home and shake legs ok. Furthermore, the amount of work at home is never ending. You have to work 24/7 and can't take MC or leave as and when you like.

With two active boys, my days might get more frustrating or I might get angry or impatient. But I am sure the excitement, laughters and fulfilment will wash away all the unhappiness.

Waves to the all the SAHM out there.

PS: This group of amazing SAHMs wrote about their worth as a SAHM. It's very inspiring read. Click on the button and read their stories.

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  1. Congrats on the chance for your dream job! I was asked about my ambition during my Uni days and I answered to be a housewife and all my classmates laughed at me. Till today I still have not fulfill this wish and I don't think I ever could. I am envious of you. Jia you!

  2. That must not be any easy decision. Enjoy your journey!

  3. Hope you're having a great start to yr new "job"! I'm sure you're going to enjoy this rewarding and fulfilling one :) Gambatte!!