by - Thursday, February 26, 2015

Yes, the boys are sick. Again. Me too.

Why are they sick again? Why?

Sometimes I really doubt my level of mothering. Is there something that I am not doing right? Is our hygiene standards too low? Is it my genes that give them low immunity? Just what is wrong?

Perhaps, we should start doing these to keep ourselves virus and bacterial free.

1) Nobody comes near my children.

2) Everyone to disinfect their hands before touching my children.

3) Best if they can wear a clean suit.

4) Confine them in the house. No playground, no shopping, no anywhere.

5) Reject anyone who wants to offer them a biscuit, cookie, sweet, cold drinks, etc.

These are just for laugh. I will still welcome anyone to play with the boys. But if you are sick, better be a bit automatic. I will still welcome goodies for them, but in moderation ok?

Rant finish.

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