Embracing Motherhood

by - Friday, March 20, 2015

When I was still single, people asked 'When are you going to get a boyfriend?'

When I got a boyfriend, people asked 'When do you want to get married?'

When we got married, people asked 'When do you want to have a child?'

So came Big J. Then people start asking 'When do you want to have a second child?'

Then came Small J. Of course, people start asking 'You going to try for a third one? A girl perhaps?'

Well, maybe not in the near future. I am enjoying being a Mother to my two boys.

I remember the day when the stick showed a '+'. We were elected! It was so amazing just thinking about a life growing inside of me. It was a blessing to know that I have someone to accompany me wherever I go, whatever I do and being there with me for 24/7. This amazing feeling lasted for 38 weeks.

Then on the special day, he decided to make his way out. The pain and fear of birthing, I still remember till this day. But this doesn't stop me from going through it for the second time. I'm sure I won't mind if the situation calls for me to go again for the third or fourth time.

It is not easy being a Mom, especially to two boys, two very active boys who are always full of energy. Each day is mostly spent chasing after them and shouting off instructions to them. On some days, they will be giving me so much headache that I wish the day will pass faster. But who knows, in a flash, the first born is already four years old and the second born is coming to two soon!

So, despite all the challenges, what makes me want to be a Mom?

Them calling me Mummy. Yes, it still twitches my heart everytime they call me.

Being able to enjoy their smiles and laughters, their hugs and kisses is also the best gift they could give me. 

There's also the eye contact that we have. Everytime I look into their eyes, I feel so mesmerized by them. 

Every night, while I lay on the bed, watching them sleeping peacefully makes me feel thankful for each and every day spent with them. 

I am embracing my Motherhood. How about you?


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  1. It's really enduring when we hear our little ones call us mummy and being smothered with the hugs and kisses. Those are the moments which I love the most too.