Four. Fun. Fantastic.

by - Friday, March 13, 2015

Big J turns four! I still can't accept the fact that he is such a big boy now. But in my heart, he will always be my baby, like how I still call him 'baby' occasionally.

He is much more understanding and is better able to listen to our instructions, although he still has his occasional meltdowns. However, he needs more improvement in his writing and reading skills. Compared to his peers, his colouring and writing is poor and he still can't read now. Blame it on us being too lazy to do any learning or reading with him. 

Anyway, on his birthday, we went to the beach. He loves riding his Cruzee bike and the park is a good place for him to do his riding. His balancing is quite good and is able to lift up his legs while riding. He always has this very serious look when he is riding.

He also enjoyed himself on the beach. He used to hate sand but now he's alright with playing with the sand. I think it is quite calming for him as he can sit there quietly to enjoy the feel of the sand.

Back at home, we had a small celebration for him. He choose this Superman cake. The difference this year is, he is able to sing the whole birthday song himself and to cut the cake all by himself.

Kor Kor, your saliva is coming out

A big hug for DiDi

Of course, our family photo

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