A Day at Sentosa

by - Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Do you have a favourite place that you and your family like to go? One of our favourites is Sentosa. We have been there so many times. You can read more about our previous Sentosa adventures here.

I happened to win tickets to the new Images of Singapore Live and off we go to Sentosa again. We wanted to go to the beach too, but the weather recently is too super hot!

We arrived at Images of Singapore and took some photos. No photography inside the exhibit though. 

After the tour, we took a bus back to RWS for our lunch, followed by a short walk around the area. This photo was taken at the Universal Studios globe, but it got cropped off because the sun is really too bright and we can't see what was on the phone's screen while taking the photo. At least we were all captured on screen.

Then, we hopped on to the Sentosa Express to Beach Station. We had planned to go to the Skyline Luge but the sun is really too hot, so we decided to take the beach tram and explore the beach first. After one round on the tram, we alighted at the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia. 

Small J laughing happily as we climbed up the viewing tower. Daddy was playing peekaboo with him. 

Selfie time! Notice how glaring and strong the sun was?

Next, we proceed to the Skyline Luge. The last time we came, hubby and I had to go up the Skyride individually because Small J was not tall enough to ride and one of us had to remain behind to look after him. This time, he is finally tall enough to join us on the ride! I'm not sure if it is the power of us united as a family that I am not so scared of the height this time. They gave me strength! 

It's time to put on our helmets and go down the hill on the luge! Hubby rode together with Small J while I rode with Big J. It was a really exciting ride as we raced each other down the hill. I'm glad neither of the boys were scared of the speed and height.

After the exciting ride, we proceeded back to mainland Singapore for dinner and back to our home sweet home.

I love to take photos of our outings because I want to freeze these memories. Back at home, we will show the boys the photos and we talk about where we went, what we do and what we learnt. After numerous photo-takings and selfies, the boys are getting better at posing and staying still for a second more for that precious photo. Whenever we look back at the photos, they always bring back lots of treasured memories.

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