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by - Friday, April 10, 2015

I last wrote about a Day In My Life in Oct 2012. That was a long time ago! Back then, I was still working and only had Big J who was about 18 months old. Fast forward to today, I'm now a full time mother and Small J has come into our life too. Our day has certainly become more busy but definitely with more joy!

Without further ado, let me show you how my day goes on this particular day.

My day is supposed to start at 6.30 but I woke up late! I quickly take my shower and prep myself first. Then, it is preparing breakfast and waking the kids up. I have to keep hurrying Big J to finish his breakfast or else we will be late. Small J has his bottle of milk which he finishes very fast. I give them a quick wipe down and change them out of their PJs. When we are all done, I put Small J onto the stroller and ask Big J to put on his shoes. I grab our bags and we are out! Because mornings are so hectic, I will pack their bags, choose their clothes and fill the bottles the night before.

We are waiting for the train to go to school. It's the morning rush hour and having to push a stroller into the packed train is a big challenge for me. It is lucky that we are getting off in a few stops.

We make it to school and Big J goes to school while Small J plays at the playground. After playing for about half an hour, we make our way to the supermarket to get some stuffs to cook for lunch or other necessary household stuffs. 

After getting what we need, we are back at school to pick up Big J. The first thing he does is to rush to the playground to play. The brothers play for a bit while I relax on the bench.

I have to shout and coax them to leave the playground and make our way home. I love taking the train at this timing because it is so empty! 

We reach home and I start to prepare lunch. The boys will be playing by themselves. Lunch is usually something simple and quick. Today we are having pasta soup chinese style.

Boys eating their lunch and I quickly gobble down mine too. After we are done, it's shower time for them. They continue to play / fight / shout / run while I wash up the dishes and clean the table.

The time now is 1pm and it is nap time! This is the part of the day which I really look forward to. Finally some peace and quiet moment in the house.

4pm! Oops! I totally knock out with the boys and there goes the golden period to do many things. When I woke up its already almost 4!! Usually if I didn't fall asleep, I will be doing housework or preparing ingredients for dinner or blogging or FB-ing and IG-ing.

The boys wake up too. We are going for a movie date tonight and we have to start preparing for our outing later. I give the boys their snack and while they are enjoying eating, I quickly had my shower and put on some light makeup (it has been quite a while since I last put on makeup). They finish eating and I wash up the plates and cups. Next is packing the bag and getting the boys changed and ready before we head out.

On our way to The Cathay for the premier of Home! It is a long ride and I have to try all ways to entertain Small J. Big J is happy to look at the scenery outside the train. Selfie time!

We reach Dhoby Ghaut and wait for hubby to join us after his work. While waiting, we grab something to eat. Daddy reached and we went to collect the tickets. The first time when Big J saw the poster of Home, he was very curious and keep asking me who is the purple character. I did some google-ing and told him it's 'Oh'. He will ask the same question everytime we see the poster. So he is really excited to get to watch the show. This is also our first time watching a movie together as a family!

After the movie ends, we took a cab home. The boys did not too bad at the movie. This is the second movie for Big J and the first for Small J. The only disappointing part is that the show is in 3D and both of them couldn't wear the 3D-glasses properly to watch the show. They both start to fidget towards the end of the show. However, hubby and me really enjoyed the show.

We reach home and get the boys ready for bed. I accompany them to sleep while trying very hard to keep myself awake. When they have fallen asleep, I sneak out of the room. It is now about 10.30pm. I pack our bags for tomorrow and get ready their clothes and bottles and whatever we need for tomorrow.

After this, I sit down in front of my computer and finish up some blog posts and check emails. 

At about 12ish, I wake Big J up for toilet. We are in the process of training him to go diaper free at night. If we don't wake him up, he will wet the bed and we will have lots of clean ups to do.

Before I fall asleep, I will do a quick run-down in my mind as to what we need to do tomorrow. I switch my phone to airplane mode and I sleep too. I usually will fall asleep within 5 minutes of hitting the pillow. Good night world!


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  1. Wow, you're so brave to bring both boys out on your own, via public transport, no less!! Nice that they can actually sit through a movie too. YAY!

    1. Yay! That means more outings for us. the only thing is taking public transport takes a long time. We could only go for 2 places at the most and cannot bring bulky things along

  2. Great that you're adjusting well to SAHM. : ) I chuckle at your 'gobble' food part! I normally eat fast, after kids I eat lightning speed. lol.

    1. Haha.. because have to eat faster than the kids. Your lighting speed must be faster than me.

    2. Haha.. because have to eat faster than the kids. Your lighting speed must be faster than me.