My Cooking Journey #17: Cheesy Meaty Sandwich

by - Monday, April 27, 2015

Recently, I am into presenting lunch like bento style for Big J. This actually entices him to eat more and ensuring that he eats a little bit of each group of food. 

This is one of the bento lunch I made during one of the weekday after school. Of course, my bento making skill needs lots of improvements. I am not a creative person so my bentos are usually very boring and simple.

This includes biscuits, grapes and a sandwich. Big J don't really like to eat meat and I thought of hiding the meat into the sandwich. He finished all!

Cheesy Meaty Sandwich

Tomato sauce
Minced meat

1. Spread tomato sauce onto the bread.
2. Place minced meat onto the bread. I use marinated minced meat.
3. Cover the bread with a slice of cheese. For extra cheesy, you can add pizza cheese which is available in the supermarket.
4. Put into oven and toast it till cheese browns.

This is also great for breakfast or afternoon snack.

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