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March was a sombre month for those who are in Singapore. We have lost one of our most important founding father, Mr Lee Kwan Yew. A week of mourning was announced for his passing and we join in together with the nation to remember his contributions to Singapore. 

We went to the Parliament House wanting to pay our tribute but the queue for priority queue was as long as a 7 hours wait. It was already late at night and the boys were tired so we had no choice but to turn back. The next day, we went to pay our tribute at the community tribute centre. #RememberingLKY

March for us, is not all sad. In fact, we have two birthdays in our family. Firstly, it's Big J turning 4! My first boy has grown so fast. I know I have said this many many times but I still have to say this. Time slow down please!

Just a few days ago, we were out and came across this playground in the shopping centre. He was playing inside while I am standing outside. I remember how it seems like yesterday that I was still following behind him, holding him and ready to catch him anytime should he fall. Now, he seems too big for the playgound among all the little buddies in the playground. I can't help feeling all emotional now.

The other birthday in our family is my Daddy's. See how happy the boys are. It's like it was their own birthday. 

Small J had his first pony ride. He was so brave and did not cry for feel scared at all. In fact he was so confident and took it like a breeze!

We went to see the Chingay @ Heartlands. Unfortunately, the sky wasn't well and it started raining. See everyone trying to squeeze for shelter at the bus stop. 

The boys are happily blowing the tissue paper to each other. A simple sheet of tissue paper can provide so much fun for the boys. A great entertainment when you are out dining and the kids need to wait. Of course, given the amount of laughter, this can only be played in noisy places such as food court.

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