by - Monday, May 04, 2015

And April is just over. I have to say this again...time's too fast!

Small J has been going for his classes at Sparkanauts. He has really improved a lot since his first day at there. From a crying koala bear to a happy jumpy toddler. He is absolutely loving his classes now. I am very amazed that he actually knows the flow of the class. In this photo, he matched his word card correctly to the picture card. Well done boy!

I have been bringing Big J to various places after his school. For April we went to KidsStop, Imaginarium exhibition, Farmart, Sentosa, and many playgrounds. It had been a busy month for us but I am glad that the kids are enjoying all of it. I also feel very privileged and blessed to be able to do these with them. 

While we are at home, I tried to get Big J to be more involved in our daily chores. For example, he will be standing beside me while I cook or he will be helping me to load clothes into the washing machine. We had a baking session during one of the afternoon where he helped to mix the batter. The baking session was fun but the outcome of the bakes wasn't so nice. The muffin that I was intending to bake came out with weird looking shapes. Big J said 'Mummy, why the muffins look so funny?' 

I have also been more diligent with doing learning activities with Big J. For a start, I made a calendar board which we use during circle time. The weird thing about this calendar is the 'Weather' section. It seems that whenever he choose 'Sunny' day, the day will turn into a rainy day. Whenever we come to this section, he will say 'But Mummy, every time I choose sunny day it will become rainy day. I don't like rainy day.' I know dear, Mummy don't like rainy day too. 

That's about all for our April.

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  1. I see you had a lot of fun baking big J... He seems happy. The muffins look so funny... It is "fun" to bake... that's why! :D


    1. Exactly.. We had a laughing good time looking at the muffins.