Daiso Hauls

by - Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I love shopping at Daiso! Everything here is selling at $2 only. Of course, not everything in there is worth $2. But it is so hard to resist the temptation and since I'm already there, why not? Each time I went in, I will come out with big bags of stuffs. I can never come out empty-handed. 

Recently, I went on a short shopping trip to Daiso and I came out $30 poorer. Here are my hauls of the day.

My favourite item from this batch of loots is this lazy susan. I saw in many organizing videos that a lazy susan is great for organizing. It allows easy access to the tins of items you have without having to reach all the way back. I just need to turn the lazy susan and I can quickly retrieve what I need. This is really value for money because I don't think I have ever seen any lazy susan at this price. I got this at Vivocity and I grabbed the last two pieces on the shelf. Not sure if this is available at other outlets.

My other favourite buy is this mail holder. Currently, our mails are strewn onto our dining table which makes our table very messy. We also do not take the effort to throw away the leaflets that come along with the mail because it is so easy to just leave everything on the table. The solution which I thought of, is not to put any mails on the table! So where do the mails go then? This holder has two pockets. I am thinking to use the left pocket for new incoming mails and the right pocket for read mails which require actions from us. Our new rule is no leaflets are supposed to go into this holder. They have to be thrown into the garbage straight away. 

This is adhesive velcro which I buy quite frequently. I use these to make learning materials for Big J, such as this calendar and some file folders or flashcards game.

Colourful Easter eggs. I heard that these are quite popular and runs out very fast. I saw some on the rack and quickly grab a bag. I'm planning to use these for sensory bins or maybe as surprise rewards for Big J if he behaves well.

This is a fry tray which is used in the kitchen for preparing fried foods. There are 3 compartments for flour, egg and breadcrumbs. I heard these are very popular too and there's only one left on the shelf! Grab! Haha. I think it is very useful for putting steamboat ingredients and can save lots of table space. It can also be used for organising things or sorting trays for the kids to do some learning activities. 

A mini blackboard. I am planning to use Handwriting Without Tears for Big J. Since we are on a budget, I try to make my own materials based on the HWT principles. I can use this board for the Wet-Dry-Try portion. 

Some kitchen stuffs, a butter case to store butter and a popsicle mould. When I put the popsicle mould into the basket, Big J's eyes immediately light up and said 'Mummy, you going to make ice-cream?' 

Crayons for the boys to do colouring. I love the bright colours of these crayons.

Lastly, one-hole puncher for Big J to punch papers for fine motor training.

And that's all for my Daiso hauls. Hope you are equally excited as I am. I'm already looking forward to my next trip to Daiso again!

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  1. I love daiso! I'm there every week! Bought the same set of eggs for home learning too!

  2. I love buying those luggage capsules from Daiso! Can't stop my self, always feel that I need more. You have just reminded me of that, again. lol

  3. May i know which daiso you went?