My Cooking Journey: Fermented Beancurd Fried Chicken Wings

by - Friday, May 08, 2015

Chicken wings is one of our favourite dishes at home. If you have been following me on my cooking journey, you would have noticed that chicken wings appears quite often. I like to try many different ways of cooking it. 

This time I am using Fermented Beancurd. Presenting Fermented Beancurd Fried Chicken Wings!

As I recently got an airfryer, I fried this in the airfryer. The chicken wings came out crispy on the outside and still juicy on the inside. Since I have marinated the chicken wings overnight, the flavour of the fermented beancurd is so nice! Big J keep requesting for more even though it tastes a little bit spicy.

The best part is, this is so easy to prepare. Just put everything in a ziplock bag and marinate it overnight. The next day, just put it into the airfryer and you got it!

This is the fermented beancurd that I am using. There are many other kinds in the market, you can get any that you like.

Fermented Beancurd Fried Chicken Wings
8 pieces Chicken Mid-Wings
2 cubes of Fermented Beancurd
2 tsp of Fermented Beancurd Sauce
1 tsp Soy Sauce
1 tbsp Sesame Oil
1 tbsp cornflour (for marinate)
2 tbsp cornflour (for coating before frying)

1. Mash the fermented beancurd.
2. Mix all the ingredients (except the 2 tbsp cornflour for frying) in a ziplock bag and leave it overnight in the fridge to marinate.
3. The next day, before frying, coat the wings with cornflour and set it aside for about 10 minutes. Just a thin layer of flour will do.
4. Preheat the airfryer to 180 degrees. 
5. Arrange the wings in the frying basket and airfry at 180 degrees for 8 minutes. Flip the wings at about the 5 minutes mark. Before I put in the wings, I brush a little bit of oil on the frying basket to prevent sticking.
6. Turn up the temperature to 200 degrees and airfry for another 2 minutes. Serve.

Hope you will enjoy this as much as we do! If you like chicken wings, check out some of the other chicken recipes.

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  1. My favourite. I love this dish very much. It goes well with pork belly too.

    1. Yes, my mom likes to fry fermented tofu with pork belly too. It's delicious!

  2. Hi - if you coat the chicken wings with flour, does it still turn out well in air fryer? I tried that once and the food (calamari in this case) did not turn out well

    1. Hello Mei Chee, I coat with only a very thin layer of cornflour. Cannot be too thick.

    2. Hello Mei Chee, I coat with only a very thin layer of cornflour. Cannot be too thick.