Weekend Wanderings: Imaginarium: A Voyage of Big Ideas

by - Friday, May 15, 2015

I brought Big J to the Imaginarium: A Voyage of Big Ideas exhibition a few weeks ago. I always thought museums would be boring. But this is actually quite fun and interesting, especially for young children. It is about thinking out of the box and being creative.

The first thing that caught our attention are these old school swings just outside SAM. We quickly hop onto the swings and swing away! I remember swinging on these swings when I was younger. My siblings and I would always want to swing as high as possible, till the swing almost toppled over. Those were the days.

After swinging for a while, we went in and exchanged for our tickets. This exhibition is FREE for Singapore citizens and permanent residents. The first exhibit on level 1 is We Built This Estate! There are form blocks where children (or adults) can use their imagination to build whatever they want. Big J pushed the blocks like they are cars on the road. He really loves cars!

Next, we went to the second floor and enter the Moonroom. In here, we can draw on the walls and pens are provided. It is also nice to look around and see what others have drawn or written.

There are also tables and chairs in the room where we can do origami. Each table has instructions on the table for folding different kinds of origami. This is the Star table. We also folded a plane and Big J happily flew the plane in the room.

On level 3, it is the Let's Make! Studio, where you use yarns to make pom poms, for weaving and cross-stitch. In the corner, there's also a reading corner with children books.

This is Big J's favourite part of the exhibit, Dream House. I think every child's dream house is a candy house, as shown in this exhibit. There are many candies in the candy house for the children to take. They will then take the candies and hang them on the white trees. After we have finished all the exhibits, Big J requested to come back to this room. 

On the same level, this other room is called Kiko's Secret. This part of the exhibition is quite eerie to me, due to the sound and the dark room. The displays are really beautiful though. 

This is like a puzzle. The pieces are put in a big box and children can take these pieces, find the matching space and put them onto this board.

Along the stairs, the walls are filled with doodles. If you looked closely, there are many interesting doodles. You could even play I-Spy with your kids. Here's Big J photo-bombing a group of people taking their photo.

Imaginarium: A Voyage of Big Ideas
14 March – 19 July 2015
SAM at 8Q
8 Queen Street, Singapore 188535

Opening hours:
Mondays to Sundays: 10am to 7pm (Last admission at 6:15pm)
Fridays: 10am to 9pm

Citizens/Permanent Residents:  Free (remember to bring your Identity Card for verification)
Foreign Visitors: 
Adults: $10
Students & Senior Citizens aged 60 & above: $5
Children under six: Free
20% off admission tickets for 20 or more persons.

6589 9580 or 6589 9564

Brochure here 

Other fun places for kids
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Changi Airport (Free!)
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Marina Barrage (Free!)
Alive Museum
Fire Station (Free!)
Amped Trampoline Park
East Coast Park (Free!)
The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum
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