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Today is the last day of May. Before we step into June, don't forget to check out my list of activities happening during the June holidays

Just yesterday, we took part in the Bare Your Sole 2015 walkathon. We are not the 'exercise keep fit' kind of family, so this is pretty challenging for us. Furthermore, this was our first time taking part in such an event. We walked barefooted for 2km and it was definitely not an easy walk for us. The weather was hot, the terrain wasn't exactly smooth and the smallest boy insisted to be carried for most of the distance. Not that I am complaining, but it made us realise and treasure the simple things we have - a pair of shoes! We saw people from all walks of life coming together to do their part to help the underprivileged. I am happy that we did our part for a good cause! Check out the Bare Your Sole website.

First, let us take a wefie

Just keep on walking

The crowd and the beautiful scenery of Sentosa beach

Boys enjoying themselves walking on the sand.
Small J took a super long time before he is willing to walk on the sand.

Sand-covered feet

And we are done!

For the rest of May, we visited the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. The station is only opened to public on public holidays. Which means, it will be opened again tomorrow, Vesak Day. So don't miss it ok?

We also went to the Zoo, zoo, zoo! We watched the beavers swim, the white tigers lazing around, saw a new animal, the Red River Hogs, watched the Elephant show, etc. The boys favourite was feeding the giraffes and the goats. If you are going to the zoo anytime soon, do check out Mummy Ed who has created a Zoo, River Safari and Bird Park Bingo printable.

Each time we visit the Zoo, Big J always ask to feed the giraffe

Big J had fun digging in the sand at the Dinosaurize Me! event at Plaza Singapura. More about this in another post.

In our kitchen, we made a Frozen Yogurt Bite. This is super easy to make and great for getting the kids involve. More about this in another post.

These are some of the highlights we have for May. Onto June we go!

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  1. Woah seems like you did a lot in May! Way to go! I bet June will be even a busier period for you and the boys!! =) Enjoy the holidays and thanks for sharing your happenings!