SEA Games 2015 Carnival

by - Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The SEA Games Carnival is one of the biggest event happening in Singapore. We were there to soak up some SEA Games fever.

With a giant Nila

The Torch

There are many photo-taking opportunities. There are these boards of Nila in poses of doing the SEA Games sports. I think these are good for introducing the different kinds of sports to the children.

Coincidentally, both are water sports

There are also these very friendly mascots for more photo-taking. Big J actually asked to take photos with them, which is rare because he don't usually like taking photos.

Look at how excited he is to take photos

Milo is a must for all sporting events

After walking around, we start to take part in the activities. We didn't do much because the queues were too long and kids are the most impatient when it comes to queuing. Our favourite was this bicycle station. There are many many interesting bikes that we can try. There is one that sprays water when you cycle, one that requires you to cycle backwards to move forward, some are very high and some are super low. Registration is required. What I like about this station is there is no need to queue for your turn. Register your name for a specific timing and come back later.

Big J is very happy to ride on this tricycle

Daddy pushing Small J because he doesn't know to ride

The carriages at the back are made of plastic barrels

At the Sports Try Out area, we took part in this Pool Soccer, which is a merger of pool and soccer. 

Hockey Golf

Don't forget to get free ice-cream from the Daikin booth.

Both of them finished up the whole ice-cream, with lots of mess too!

Finally we went to the Junior Playzone, which has all the different kinds of bouncy castles. Big J tried the Giant Slide. The queue was super long but each child can only slide one time when it is their turn. There are other bouncy castles, art and crafts, ball pit, face painting available at this zone too. My phone went dead and so there is no photos of these.

1) We were at the Carnival on a weekend afternoon and maybe that's why there are long queues. Try to go on a weekday if possible.
2) Go in the late afternoon or evening so it will be cooler. We went for our dinner at Kallang Wave Mall and when we came out again at about 7pm, everything seems cooler. There are also performances on the stage and special lighting effects which brings the whole carnival atmosphere to a higher level.
3) Go to the information booth to collect a game pass. When you complete a station, you will get a stamp on the game pass. Collect 5 stamps to exchange for a small gift. We got a SEA Games badge.
4) Bring along lots of water, fan, wipes and sunblock.
5) If you can't complete everything, come back another day. If you have kids, it is definitely worthwhile to bring them back again for more fun.
6) Don't forget to check out the free hot air balloon ride. Details of the hot air balloon ride can be found here and here.

SEA Games 2015 Carnival
Dates: 31 May - 16 June 2015
*Time: 10am - 9pm daily
Venue: Singapore Sports Hub

*Differed timings:
Friday, June 5: 10am - 5pm.
Sunday, June 7 : 9am - 9pm
Tuesday, June 16: 10am - 5pm

For more information about the SEA Games 2015 Carnival, check here.

Carnival Map (Credit)

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