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by - Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I'm hoping onto the Small Spaces blogtrain hosted by Mum in the Making. I have to say that I am so thankful for this blogtrain because it gives me the encouragement to tidy up the spaces of the boys. Otherwise, it is usually very messy.

Years ago, I took part in this blog train too. That time, Small J has not come into the picture yet and Big J could have one whole room as his playroom. Much have changed over the years. The playroom is no longer around. It has been converted into their sleeping space.

The playroom then

Since Small J is still young, we let him sleep on the mattress on the floor as we are worried about him rolling off the bed. We also add 'bumper' with old mattresses to prevent him from knocking against the wall. Their room is very simple, just 2 single mattresses on the floor and a plastic drawer in a corner for their clothes and daily changing stuffs. We do not include any toys or books in the room because we want the room to have only one purpose - sleep.

Is now a very simple bedroom for the boys

So what happens to their play space? Due to the space limitation of our small humble house, we do not have a dedicated play room. Their play area is distributed throughout the house.

In our study, which is also the boys playing area, we have an Ikea Expedit shelf. We used three of the rows to store the kids toys. We are using a toys rotation system. Toys that are on rotation will be placed on the lower two rows. These will be changed out every 2-4 weeks, depending on my level of laziness. The third row contains the waterplay tools, playdough and balls, which the boys are free to play upon request. The rest of the toys are stored in boxes in our storeroom.

In a corner of our living, we have their learning and playing area.  They usually do their school work or art here. We hang up their artwork on the wall in front of the boys' table.

On the right side of the table, we use this shelf for pretend play. This month we are doing cooking and supermarket play.

On the left side, is an Ikea TROFAST storage shelf. I set up this as an independent work system for Big J. I will leave some work in the trays for him to work through independently. As you can see, the activities are very easy because the main purpose of this is to encourage independence. 

In another corner of the living room, we have two book shelves for books. The blue one is from Qoo10. I love this book shelf because the books can be displayed with the cover facing out. I feel that this can encourage the kids to read more. The white shelf is a very old book shelf from my younger days. 

The boys enjoy riding on their ride-ons. These are parked at their designated parking lots in another corner of the living too.

PS: The photos were taken early in the morning when everything is still in place. When the boys start playing, everything will be in a big mess. 

That's our very simple and humble home. Be sure to check out the small spaces created by other Mom Bloggers by clicking on the photo below.

Tomorrow, MummyEd will be sharing about her small spaces. Ed works from home whenever she has the chance to, but with 3 kids of ages 3 5 and 7 years old, those moments are few and far between. She blogs at and has never been happier to leave the corporate world behind.

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  1. I like the simplicity of the boys' room.. love front-facing bookshelf too and have the red one! But find that not much space haha. Need a bigger one :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Yes, that book shelf doesn't have lots of space, that's why I have another shelf beside it. We are not even book fanatics yet.