A Trip to the Fire Station

by - Wednesday, July 29, 2015

We went to the fire station again. If you still do not know, almost all the fire stations in Singapore has an open house on every Saturday between 9am to 11pm. More details of the open house here.

This time we are super happy because we finally get our hands on the kiddy fireman helmet! During all our previous visits, they always ran out of the helmets.

The boys look super cute with the helmets but they are too distracted with other things

We were first bought to the comms room where a very friendly fireman explained to us about the operations of the fire station and the area that they cover. They also told us that most of the calls they received are usually rescue calls instead of fire calls and this fire station has the highest number of suicide calls. Wow... I didn't know that there are so many suicide cases in our neighbourhood. 

Then, we were brought outside to look at the fire engines and other rescue vehicles. This fireman is demonstrating to us how they put on their suits within 1 minute.

Next is the boys favourite! Water time! Here, they got to try out turning on and off the water on the fire hose. Big J jumped right in, while Small J needed some warming up before he was willing to try. However, once he got hang of it, he didn't want to leave.

Then, the firemen showed us some stunts of sliding down the fire pole. After this, we were free to explore the fire station. We saw a live call for a fire rescue bike, where the fireman quickly put on his gears and zoomed out of the fire station in a flash.

Mandatory photo with the big fire engine

Little man in a big truck. Let's roll!

Trying the real helmet which is really heavy

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  1. How fun! I enjoyed my visit once without the kids and got to take the long long "elevator" up to almost 3 storey high. Hope we can get up earlier one of these weekends to bring both girls down one day.

    1. I feel you, it is really tough to wake up early ya. My hubby took the long long elevator during one of our trip there. This time this wasn't available.

  2. Ahh always wanted to do this but haven't had a free sat recently.. it looks so fun!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. This looks so fun! Have been wanting to do it for ages, but ever got down to doing it

  4. Wow. Such an awesome experience for the kids! Who would have thought that aside from their learning journeys from school, we can also personally bring them to the fire stations with free seminar. Kudos to you Mummy J and to the gallant efforts of the firemen.

  5. Thank you for linking up on Family Fun Friday. I've been wanting to go for this Fire Station Open House for how many years already and still haven't done it. Procrastination procrastination... It looks so fun, my boys would definitely love it! Need to get my lazy bum out of bed early one of these Saturdays to visit..

  6. I have been thinking to bring my kids to the Fire station for YEARS.... now that my boy is 12... the plan has not been executed at all.. :) Lovely pictures you have there and I hope your post will motivate me to take them down soon. :D

  7. My kids have both visited with their kindy but I've never got the chance. And your kids look so cute in the real helmet!!

    Shirley @ SAys! Happy Mums

  8. Oh it looks so fun! I've been sitting on the idea of going for a couple of years already!

  9. So much fun! I'm sure your kids enjoyed themselves - look at those smiles! :)