Small J is Two!

by - Wednesday, July 01, 2015

I am skipping my monthly updates for the month of June, for a good reason. Small J turns two this month! And I want to dedicate this post specially for him.

Dear J,

Each time I look at your newborn photos, I could feel the overwhelming emotions when I cradled you in my arms for the very first time.

Time flies and now you have turned two! I am very happy to see you achieving all your milestones, from crawling to running, from just staring blankly at me to showing all your emotions on your cute little face.

Just recently, you have finally quit the pacifier. Yeah! I was still worried that you will not be able to quit your pacifier because you were really addicted to it earlier. You asked for the pacifier all the time. One night, we forgot to give you the pacifier during your sleep and you actually fall asleep without it. It's the same for the following few nights. Happy dance!

That's you at the beginning of this year and I was still lamenting when you will stop being a pacifier addict. We didn't really do much to stop you from sucking on it and who knows, it's only 6 months down the road and you have quitted, naturally! Thank you baby!

You are a very caring boy and is always ready to share your happy moments. When someone give you a treat, you will ask for more to give KorKor, Papa, Mama and whoever is around. So sweet of you, darling! When you see any of us hurt, you will come forward and 'sayang' us on the head. Super melts when you are doing that.

Baby, have you heard of the phrase 'Terrible Two'? People do not say this without a reason as most toddlers at this stage would love to have more independence and love to test the parents' limit. You do have your temper and stubbornness. The many fights that you and your brother got into is testament to this.

Despite the fights, the both of you still love each other. I love to see the way both of you play together, how both of you will cuddle with each other and how you love to follow Korkor around. I hope you will continue to love Korkor and learn to share with him better.

Some of the milestones you have achieved include - being toilet trained for the daytime, able to sleep by yourself, understanding instructions, able to say super short phrases, self-feed with lots of mess. I'm sorry that Mummy is not keeping a very detailed journal of your growth compared to Korkor. But I can be very sure that you are good! Only one small concern, which is the amount of hair you have. We are thinking to shave off your hair and let them grow all over again. Perhaps it will take another one year for us to see your hair again!

Happy birthday my dear boy!

Love, hugs and kisses,

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