My Journey, My Home

by - Tuesday, August 18, 2015

We had just celebrated Singapore's 50th birthday. Happy Birthday Singapore! Check out what we did over the long weekend

Singapore has come a long way since her independence 50 years ago. Given the amount of time and effort that everyone has put into the celebration of her birthday, we can see how much Singapore's golden jubilee means to everyone in Singapore. 

What does Singapore's golden jubilee mean to you?

For us, we are extremely grateful that Singapore is a safe country to live in. We can walk the streets late at night and can be pretty sure that we will reach home safely. Healthcare is also another aspect that means so much to us. When the boys are sick, I know I can find a doctor even if it is in the middle of the night. We do not have a car and we are glad that the government has not forsaken people like us and give us a great public transportation system so that we can still get around Singapore. How about the parks and gardens that allows our kids to run and play freely?

Just like the lyrics from this year's national day theme song, Our Singapore, this is 'Our home, Our heart, Our Singapore'.

In celebration of SG50, EZ-Link, Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) and National Arts Council (NAC) jointly organised an EZ-Link card design competition. The theme of the art competition is 'My Journey, My Home' where the public is invited to illustrate what Singapore's golden jubilee means to them. 

The competition received many entries, but four art pieces eventually emerged as the final winners. These winning designs will be printed on 200,000 EZ-Link cards and are available for sale at all TransitLink Ticket Offices islandwide.    

The winners with their designed EZ-Link cards. Credit: EZ-Link Facebook

Let me share with you the winning designs from these talented artists.

By Tang Chun Kit Matthew Hubert, 11 years old (DAS Category, aged 12 or below)

By William Choo, 15 years old (DAS Category, aged 13 to 25)

By Neo Hui-Shyan, 11 years old (Open Category, aged 12 or below)

By Nur Amalia Bte Kamal, 16 years old (Open Category, aged 13 to 25)

As you can see above, each of the winning pieces have their own stories. They show the development of Singapore from the past to the present and also the icons of our beautiful island. I think these cards would be a good keepsake for us to remember how difficult it was for us to achieve what we have today. They also bring back the memories from our good old days. Our future generations might also think how is it possible that we are travelling on buses and trains and they could possibly fly!

As part of the support for children with dyslexia, EZ-Link will contribute part of the sale proceeds to DAS. The raised funds will help to provide financial assistance to these children, providing learning support to students who may not be able to afford the programmes without financial support. While many of us have benefited from the progress of Singapore, why not do our part to help those in need? These special commemorative SG50 EZ-Link cards are available for sale at all TransitLink Ticket Offices islandwide.    

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