Our SG50 Jubilee Weekend

by - Tuesday, August 11, 2015

And we have come to the end of the 4 days long weekend. The whole nation has prepared so hard for this big party for our country, Singapore. Of course, this is not the end, we are looking towards SG100! Not sure if I will still be around to witness the next grand milestone of our nation.

Although, we didn't managed to visit all the places we would like to go, we had a very fulfilling weekend. A pity that we didn't managed to take much photos, because our hands are full with the boys and our barang barang.

Day 1: National Museum + Gardens by the Bay

We wanted to go to the Science Centre, but went I checked its FB page, it says all the session for KidsStop and Omni-theatre are fully redeemed. =( Plus, it was a rainy day.

So we lazed around at home until my parents called in the afternoon and we all went to the National Museum. Masak Masak was still on and it is ending that weekend. We also caught Singapura: 700 Years and 50 Made in Singapore Products. The best part for the boys was playing on this merry-go-round. It is an ironic that during my younger days, we hopped on and off without much thoughts, while now I am so paranoid that the boys would fall off the merry-go-round, despite them sitting down and holding on to the bar.

We then had an early dinner at a very famous claypot rice at Chinatown and ended the night at Gardens by the Bay. 

We were waiting at these trees for the SG50 Garden Rhapsody. It was until the very last 5 minutes that we realised that we were waiting at the wrong tree! Gasp, we quickly make our way to the correct Supertree Grove and were just in time to watch the light display. 

We stood there and watched the lights danced along to the familiar Singapore's songs, followed by a glimpse of a short fireworks from the Marina Bay area which was largely blocked by MBS. We reached home feeling drained and still wanting to try Science Centre again the next day.

Day 2: ArtScience Museum + Fireworks

We woke up late and by the time we were done with the preparations, Science Centre was full again. I heard that the queue started as early as 7am! Big J was upset because we said we will be going to the Science Centre today. I promised him that we will go the next time when it is not so crowded.

So we changed our plans to ArtScience Museum. When we reached, there was already a very long queue. We joined the queue with our Singapore spirit of queuing. After an hour plus, we were in, a much shorter wait than I was expecting.

We went to the Singapore STories: Then, Now, Tomorrow exhibit first. We learnt about the many stories of Singapore from the past till now from the Straits Times cutting shown in the exhibit. This exhibition is free and is available till 4 Oct 2015.

Pondering about their future

After this, we proceed to the DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition. We saw lots of displays of the characters from many DreamWorks movie and how the final animations that we saw are first created from sketches. My favourite is the Dragon Flight show, though I feel a bit giddy after the show. 

Next at The Deep, we get to know more about the life in the deep sea. We saw lots of weird looking sea creatures and some are really scary looking, in my opinion. 

After the exhibitions, we had our late lunch and decided to stay on to catch the fireworks later at night. We walked around MBS, bought some tidbits to munch on later and had an early dinner. We then settle down at the events plaza and chopped a nice place to catch the fireworks. The boys ran around, had our snacks and watched Singapore Chinese Orchestral performance. And of course the fireworks! No photos taken because phone was dead but it was great that we could fully immerse in the moment.

Day 3: NDP

We woke up late again and I checked Science Centre's FB. As expected, it was full again. We stayed at home. I worked on my busy bags exchange, which are coming due soon and I still have a lot to do. The boys had their nap before we made our way to hubby's office to watch the NDP. After the celebration, we took a super crowded MRT home. We were super tired after 3 days of activities and decided that we shall skip Sentosa which we had initially planned for Day 4.

Day 4: Resting at home

There is free cable car rides on this day. We had initially planned to go Sentosa on this day but decided against it because we were super tired from the previous days of activities. I came to know that the queue for the cable car is insane and it was also crowded in Sentosa. We rested and try to recover our energy before we are back to our normal routine the next day. 

However, we still slipped out to Jurong Birdpark for a short play.

We are very thankful for what our forefathers and the pioneers had done for Singapore. It is a blessing that we have a clean and green country, easy access to healthcare and most importantly, a safe environment for us and our children to grow up in. We hope Singapore will continue to prosper and everyone to stay happy, healthy and safe.

We hope you have enjoyed your Jubilee weekend too. To the next long holidays!

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  1. Wow! What an eventful weekend you had! We only queue up for the Merlion and gave up on Art Science Museum & Gardens by the Bay. I'm sure your family had a memorable and lovely holiday.

    1. We did! We were lucky to be there early for ArtScience Museum so the queue was pretty fast. We took public transport so we save lots of time looking for a parking space.

  2. You guys rock! So many places within that few days, the kids must have enjoyed lots.

    1. The kids totally enjoyed themselves and we were totally tired out.

  3. We wanted to visit ArtScience Museum too, but the queue was super long when we were there on last Friday, so we had to give it a miss.

    1. The queue moved quite fast when we were there on Sat morning. We were lucky.

    2. The queue moved quite fast when we were there on Sat morning. We were lucky.

  4. Wow! You managed to pack so many activities into this long weekend! So gung-ho. Just thinking about braving the crowds made me feel faint.

    1. The crowds was really huge. We didn't choose to go the very popular places like Science Centre and Sentosa and Marina area on the actual day. Heard the crowds were really crazy.

  5. What an eventful weekend with the boys! We had wanted to go for the free cable car ride too on Monday but thankfully we didn't. The Q swelled to 10 hours long :P

    1. We are also glad that we didn't go for the free cable ride. I can't imagine being stuck in the queue for hours with 2 kids who can't wait.

  6. Wow! Looks like you managed to pack in a lot of activities for the long wkend despite the bad weather. We stayed at home mostly but were so glad for the time of rest and bonding at home.

    ~ Audrey @ SAys! Happy Mums

  7. The DreamWorks exhibition looks great. Oh, I wanted to go to the Masak Masak exhibition, but it's over already? Oh man.