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by - Thursday, August 06, 2015

Small J is finally toilet-trained for the daytime! Yeah... happy dance for us! Because this means more savings from buying less diapers. At home, he usually doesn't wear a diaper. He will tell us if he needs to go to the potty.

However, we still let him put on a diaper when he is sleeping or when we are going out. There is too much excitement outdoors that he might just forget to tell us or we might not find a toilet in time. 

For that, we love Drypers Drypantz. I remember when we first put on the pants for him, he was laughing away because it was something different from his usual tape diaper. Maybe he thought it was very cool, ya?

Checking out his pants

Small J shows us that he is ready to be toilet-trained when he first started telling us 'poo poo'. No thanks to always seeing KorKor going to the toilet. During the beginning days of toilet training, we used the normal tape diaper. Whenever he needs to go to the toilet, we must bring him there at a lightning speed. Then, we have to fumble with the tape and find a place to put down the diaper, before we can bring him up to sit on the toilet seat. After he has finished using the toilet, we will have to lay him down on the play mat or sofa to help him put on the diaper again. During those days, I was thinking 'hey... why not just pee on the diaper?'

When we are out, there are more troubles with tape diapers. We are not able to leave the taken-off diaper anywhere we like, due to the toilet being dirty or wet. To put it back on is another big ordeal as there is no place for him to lie down. I have not mastered the skill of wearing a tape diaper standing up though.

Finally, we changed him to Drypers Drypantz. Toileting is now a breeze. We just need to pull down the pants when he needs to use the toilet and pull it back up when he is done. Just like wearing normal shorts! I like the Comfort Fit™ in the waist and that the elastic is not too tight to leave deep and uncomfortable marks on his waist. Nor is it too loose that the pants will sag down after wearing it for a long time.

The cloth-like waistband is so soft and comfortable to Small J's delicate skin 

We know how hot and humid Singapore is, especially when we are outdoors. Imagine how uncomfortable it will be for a toddler to wear a diaper while still being active? I'm glad that Drypers Drypantz comes with Activ-Core™ that helps to quickly absorb urine, prevent flow-back and provide up to 10 hours of longer-lasting dryness, so that Small J is always feeling dry. Furthermore, to protect the little ones' delicate skin, Drypantz contains Aloe Vera, Olive Extracts, Chamomile and Vitamin E, all helping to keep his skin feeling comfortable.

On weekends, we love to go out as a family and there are many instances when we are out for more than 10 hours. With Drypers Drypantz, toileting in public places is so much easier. Back at home, when I took off his diapers, his skin is still feeling dry and there are no significant red marks. Best of all, we have not experienced any leakages with Drypantz!

Drypers Drypantz Rocks!!

This year, Drypers is launching its Drypers Drypantz mega pack. This is so convenient for busy parents because a pack of pants can now last longer and there is no need to run to the supermarket to grab a new pack so frequently. The mega pack is also more value for money!

You can get a limited edition of the Drypers Drypantz mega pack which comes with a rock themed packaging and a FOC sleeveless shirt for kids at selected Giant and FairPrice outlets, while stocks last.



Amazed by the rockin' comfort provided by Drypers Drypantz? Here's your chance to win a rockin' 2 days 1 night staycation in the Drypers Rock Themed Room at Hard Rock Hotel.

1) Snap a picture of your baby (0-36 months) wearing Drypantz with the best rocker's pose.
2) Think of a cool caption and hashtag #Drypantz and #diapers
3) Upload the photo to Drypers Singapore Facebook contest page.

Grand Prize
1 winner per week will win a 2D1N Staycation at Hard Rock Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa. The stay includes breakfast for two persons. 1 winner will be chosen each week, there will be 6 lucky winners for the whole contest period.

Consolation Prize
3 winners per week will win a designer bag worth $162.

Contest period: 13 July 2015 – 23 August 2015
For more information and rules and regulations, check out the contest page or Drypers Singapore Facebook page.

In conjunction with the contest, Drypers engagers who are dressed up like rockers will be roving around selected shopping malls to spread the news of the contest. You can take photos with them and upload them onto any social media platform to get a Drypers 10s Wet Wipes in return. Do check out Drypers Singapore Facebook page for more details.


Have a Rockin' Staycation

We know how difficult it is to pack for a staycation, especially when you have a baby to bring along. But fret not, because Drypers has taken care of some of your headaches. We had a sneak peek at the unique Drypers Rock Themed Room.

The lucky winner will get to stay in the Deluxe King room at Hard Rock Hotel. It comes with a king-sized bed and a pullout bed below it. Check out our review of Hard Rock Hotel during one of our staycation and a checklist of what to bring for a staycation.

Notice all the goodies on the bed? These are all generously provided by Drypers and yes, you can bring them home. (PS, the pillows, cot, bumper, comforter belongs to the hotel.)

Bed full of goodies!

Rock star t-shirts for the family

Props for the photo-taking and social media fanatics

Drypers cutie cushions

A pack of Drypers Drypantz

A guitar plushie to accompany the little rock star

Toiletries and baby wipes for the little ones.
Included here are the baby head-to-toe wash, baby talcum, baby shampoo and baby bath.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Drypers. All opinions, texts and photos are mine.

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