Match the Car Logos (Free Printable)

by - Monday, October 05, 2015

In my Spaces for the Boys post, I mentioned that we have an Ikea TROFAST storage shelf that was set up as an independent work system for Big J. I will leave some work in the trays for him to work through independently. In the trays there are file folder games, puzzles, fine motor activities, books, crafts, etc. I try to put activities that he already knows and do not need help from me to complete. 

To keep his interest going and completing all the tasks in the trays, I need to think of activities that he likes. His favourite is transportation and he can recognise most of the car logos. Hence, I created this 'Match the Car Logos' file folder game for him. He will say out the name of the logos as he matches them. I printed out two sets of the printable, cut up one set and leave the other uncut, which is the base board of the matching game. I then laminated these and used velcros to attach the pieces.

Of course, the independent work system does not work all the time. In the beginning, there were quite a number of issues because he doesn't want to do it. He wants to play instead. I tell him that he will need to complete his work before he can play. If he finishes the work quickly, he will have more time to play. 

So far, he really needs a lot of prompts and reminders and tempting to finish everything. I am hoping that he will grasp the routine and finishes everything without any complains.

If you find this printable useful and would like to share with your friends, may I ask that you direct them to this blog post instead of giving them the file directly? Your respect is much appreciated. Thank you very much!

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