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by - Monday, January 25, 2016

Chinese New Year is coming! It is one of the festival that I really look forward to. However, there is one little thing which I don't really fancy, the buying of new clothes. You must be thinking which girl doesn't like shopping? Well... I did enjoy shopping for new clothes before my status was upgraded to a Mom. After acquiring this new title, shopping is not as enjoyable as before, because I always can't seem to find clothes suitable for me.

My tummy never return to its flat state, hip area has expanded, while the bust area didn't increase, except when I was breastfeeding. Think a thin pear! Lol! I have turned to wearing loose fitting clothes to hide the tummy fats. Good-bye tight fitting dresses... =(

To be honest, I don't really mind my current body shape. In fact, I have been getting comments that I am still so slim even after two kids. However, I do wish that my tummy can be flatter and breast fuller. There are some special occasions where I'll need to fit into a dress and it is not going to look so nice with a bulging and flabby tummy.

I can't remember when, but I did went to buy a girdle hoping to hide my tummy fats. However, I only used it for a few days and decided that it was too uncomfortable for me and ditched it for good. 

When D'Elegance wrote to me about reviewing their range of shapewear, I was still undecided to take up the offer because I thought it is going to be uncomfortable and hard-selling. I am so glad that I didn't reject it because all these worries are needless. 

"Every woman deserves beautiful shapewear that fits so she can feel confident and comfortable all day long, at work or play."  - D'Elegance

Most of the shapewear that we see in the market are from the western countries. These are usually too hot and uncomfortable for our Asia climate and also doesn't fit well for our smaller body build. Henceforth, D'Elegance's founder, Ms Elida Teh specially designed and created her own range of shapewear that suits Asian women. D'Elegance was also featured on various magazines and Channel U's Ladies Nite. 

With the understanding that every woman is shaped differently, D'Elegance offer 1-to-1 personal consultation to ensure that you get the best fit. Here are 5 reasons why I really love the consultation session. 


The showroom is conveniently located at International Plaza which is just above Tanjong Pagar MRT. For the OLs working in the CBD area, you could just pop by during lunch hour. Do note you will need to make an appointment beforehand and make sure your boss doesn't mind you going for a long lunch break. Otherwise, you can go after working hours. My consultation took close to 2 hours, but that's because the consultation is super detailed and I took time to take photos.

Once you entered the showroom, you will feel that you are in a luxury showroom. Floor is carpeted and there is a nice table and chairs at the reception area for you to sit down. I sat on the comfortable chair to fill in my consultation form.

I was privileged to have Ms Elida to be my consultant. After filling in the form, she showed me to the fitting room where we will be having our fitting session. The fitting room is big. At the corner of the room, is the changing area. There is a platform with two big mirrors and curtains. A small table and two armchairs are also placed in the fitting room for the consultation. I was served a nice pot of tea while listening to the presentation by Ms Elida.

The lighting in this photo is very bright but during the consultation, warm light is used instead. The whole ambience is very cosy and warm, with soft music playing in the playground.


My experiences of buying intimate wear at department stores were not so wonderful. You know, the staff with super eye power, thinking that she knows your size without measuring. Or moments when she shouted out your measurements and you trying to hide your face from the crowd. And perhaps, the feeling of awkwardness in the fitting room because she is busy attending to other customers at the same time.

At D'Elegance, the consultation is 1-to-1. That means you will be the only customer in the showroom and will be getting full 100% attention from the consultant. Isn't this like a VIP treatment? The whole session is done in the privacy of the fitting room, behind closed doors so you can confide your concerns to the consultant without any worries.


After changing into a gown and robe, I eased myself onto the armchair and listen to a presentation by Ms Elida.

During the presentation, I learnt about why our body shape changes, all thanks to Newton and hormones. Although our body shape may change, it is not the end of the world. Wearing a good set of undergarment or shapewear and with the proper way of wearing them, will provide good support and hold our body in shape. Over a long period, shapewear can actually help to sculpt our body to a better shape. Once you see yourself in better shape, your confidence level will increase too. It could even entice you to adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle to achieve that stunning silhouette you always wished for.

Ms Elida is a very amiable and friendly lady. Throughout the session, she shared a lot of her experiences and valuable tips with me. She also emphasised that I should take good care of my body and don't wait till I'm too old to regret. This is really a 一言惊醒梦中人 moment for me. I have to admit that I don't really take good care of my own body. I do not have a regular beauty or exercise routine and I don't control my diet too.


After our short chat, it's time to get the measurements. I do not like to have my measurements taken because I ever came across some salesperson who likes to comment about my size, which made me feel uneasy. Ms Elida measured me very detailed and swiftly. Seeing the way she did the measurements, I knew she must be doing this for so many years. She did not talk about the numbers during the measurement, so I don't have to feel embarrassed with my not-so-perfect body.

After the measurement, she went out of the room to get different type of shapewear for me to try on - bra, bodysuit, girdle, corset, etc.  I do not know how to put on the shapewear correctly and I was so glad that Ms Elida was waiting in the room. She helped me with it and she did it with much professionalism that I did not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable at all. She also provided tips on how to put on the shapewear and how to adjust my body fats to enhance my body shape.

While trying on each piece of shapewear, Ms Elida explained how they are different and how they work on different parts of the body. She won't hesitate to bring more pieces for me to try. In fact, I think I tried almost all the different types of shapewear in the showroom.


After putting on the shapewear, I could instantly feel the difference - my tummy is flatter and my bust is fuller. I did not feel uncomfortable in the shapewear, I could still breath as per normal! Ms Elida then helped me to take another set of measurements to compare the results after wearing the shapewear. I was totally blown away with the numbers. My waist and abdomen line lost a total of 7cm, my bust is fuller and higher, the length of my leg even increased 2cm!

In the chart below, the red hexagon is my ideal body shape. The blue solid line is my current shape and the dotted line is my shape after wearing the shapewear. From this, I can see that my problem lies in my waist line and my small top.

I tried to put on my shorts with the shapewear and my shorts instantly became looser at the waist. Isn't that amazing, I can achieve a flatter tummy instantly without sweat or going on a hunger strike. This is so useful when you have an important dinner or event to attend and need to wear a nice looking dress.

For all of you who are still thinking of how to look better this Chinese New Year, I would strongly recommend D'Elegance to you. Do stay tune for my next post where I will share more about the shapewear I went home with.


To encourage you to take the first step towards achieving a better shape, D'Elegance is giving a free consultation, worth $100, to all our readers. And if you decided to make a purchase, there will also be a 5% discount on your first purchase. Simply quote 'The Js Arena' when you are making the appointment.

10 Anson Road #03-15/16
International Plaza
Singapore 079903

Tel: 6226 3013

Disclaimer: I was invited to a free consultation session with D'Elegance and products for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was involved. All opinions, texts and photos are mine.

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