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by - Wednesday, February 03, 2016

So, continuing from my last post about my personal consultation at D'Elegance, I went home with some of D'Elegance's products.

I like the way they packaged the shopping loots, so plush yet so subtle. The shapewear are placed inside a satin bag before they are placed in the paper bag. It doesn't have any photos of ladies dressed in their undergarments which is good, because I don't like others to know I just bought a bag of lingerie.

These are what I came home with. I choose mainly black because most of my clothes are of dark colours.

Brassiere, Brassiere with hook, Bodysuit, Long Girdle, Short Girdle and a Panty


During my consultation with Ms Elida, we came to the conclusion that my main problem is my abdomen area and flabby thighs. For this, Elida recommended the long girdle for me. Since I usually wear shorts or short dresses, she suggested that I get the short girdle too. However, the short girdle will not be able to provide the thigh shaping function as compared to the long girdle.

In my previous post, I mentioned about a girdle that I bought long ago which was really uncomfortable to wear. D'Elegance's girdle is really comfortable to wear and the waist band will not roll down, unlike the previous girdle that I had. The middle part of the girdle is non-elastic to hold down the abdomen area, while the sides are elastic so that it is easy to put on and take off. Of course, it will definitely be more difficult to put on compared to normal underwear. 

The beautiful lace embroidery

The material is thin which is really suitable for our humid and warm weather. It also dries very quickly. For this nude colour, which is D'Elegance's newest Wincool series, it is able to lower the skin temperature by up to 2° C! It makes you feel cool even as you are wearing it. 

The shapewear boost a smart 3D cutting techniques which adheres to our body shape naturally while providing support. For example, the long girdle will be able to lift up your butt and making it looks more perky.

One of the biggest problem I have of wearing shapewear is toileting. The short girdle has snap buttons at the bottom so it makes going to the washroom easier. 


Ever since giving birth, I have come to love the comfort of maternity bras and non-wired bras. However, that also means less support. Ms Elida told me that with prolonged wearing, the breast could sag or the fats could move to the underarm or the back area. Eeeks! That is why wearing a correct bra with good support is important.

After putting on D'Elegance's brassiere, together with the 'fats moving' technique that Ms Elida taught me, I saw an instant bust lift and cleavage. I am not very well developed in this area, so seeing the results is definitely a 'wow' for me.

The brassiere with hook on the front, provides even more support and more bust uplift, making you look more stunning in that piece of low cut dress.

These bras, unlike the normal bras I wore, has thicker shoulders and back strap which are able to provide the maximum support for the breast. It also ensures that the fats stay in the cup and not move to other areas.

I have also been wearing low waist panty all the while. When Elida showed me their panty, I do not really like the design because it looks like granny pants! Elida told me that wearing low waist panties is what causes overhanging fats at the waist area - the waist band cuts into the body fats and the excess fats will spill over the top of the panty. D'Elegance's panty, being high-waist, sits comfortably on the waist, and doesn't show any visible panty lines.


Next up, the bodysuit. If I really have to choose only one piece that I really like, it will be the bodysuit. Ok, if I can choose 2 pieces, it will be the bodysuit and the long girdle.

The bodysuit is is the piece that helps to firm up the whole body. It catches the other parts of the body which the bra and girdle are not able to cover, eg, the back, the underarm and the part in between the bra and the girdle. The lacy portion is non-elastic and helps to tuck away the tummy. The bottom part at the back also has 3D cutting, like the girdle, which provides support for the bum. The upper part of the bodysuit also provides additional support to the bra.

When paired together with the bra and the long girdle, the whole body is perfectly shaped from the bust, to the abdomen and to the hips and thigh area! Achieving that hourglass body shape is no longer a dream. The whole piece is also able to provide good support to maintaining a good body posture.

For ladies who prefer to sleep without a bra, yet worry that the breast will go sideways, Elida has suggested to wear the bodysuit while sleeping. It can provides support to the breast and yet flatten the tummy at the same time!

The only downside to this is you can't wear this with a sleeveless top. This is due to the thick shoulder straps and the coverage which covers all the way to the underarm area.


After wearing the various shapewear for a few weeks, I can say that I am truly happy with them. They help to flatten my tummy, lift up my bust, encourage me to maintain a good posture. Most importantly, I seems to gain more self-confidence of my body.

As I mentioned before, shapewear is not just a piece of lingerie that only helps to shape the body for just that moment. If you are able to wear it for the long term, you will notice your body shape changing for the better and stays there. In fact, even when I don't wear the girdle now, my tummy appears flatter than it was before I started on this journey. Now, I need to be more consistent in wearing the long girdle to shape my flabby thighs.

Let me show you some of the before and after photos of wearing the shapewear.

Wearing my causal short dress with Brassiere with hook, Bodysuit & Short Girdle. 
The tummy is instantly flatter and bust more uplifted.

Pulling out my previous pencil skirt which is so tight at the tummy area. 
Pairing this with the Brassiere and Long Girdle, I achieve a flatter tummy and toned thighs.

This last piece, is a dress which I bought many years back. I can't even zip up the dress before wearing the shapewear. After I put on the Brassiere with hook and Short Girdle, I can zip up the dress! Though it is still too tight. I wanted to put on the bodysuit too but the shoulder straps are showing.

Brassiere with hook, Short Girdle

Thank you D'Elegance for giving me a better body shape and confidence!


To encourage you to take the first step towards achieving a better shape, D'Elegance is giving a free consultation, worth $100, to all our readers. And if you decided to make a purchase, there will also be a 5% discount on your first purchase. Simply quote 'The Js Arena' when you are making the appointment.

Here are some packages for your consideration. Although the prices might seems high, for the workmanship and quality, I think it is still pretty worth it. With proper care, the shapewear can last up to five years or even more. If you are still sceptical, you can go for a free consultation, try on the pieces and decide if it is really worth it. Don't forget to quote 'The Js Arena'.

Once you are a D'Elegance customer, you are also a member and can enjoy the following benefits:

If you spent $1,000 and above, you will be upgraded to be a VIP member and enjoy the following benefits:

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Disclaimer: I was invited to a free consultation session with D'Elegance and received products for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was involved. All opinions, texts and photos are mine.

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