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So it's the once a year affair again. To be honest, birthdays seem to be getting lesser attention from us, year after year. To us, it is just another day. We do not wish the kids to think that it is a privilege to have a very grand birthday celebration every year, we want them to know birthday is just a part of their life and they should be grateful of what they have. 

I am Five!

Big J had just celebrated his 5th birthday. Each year, I am amazed at how fast time passes. The other day, Facebook prompt me of a memory 5 years ago. That was my 4 days old little prince! My heart totally melts and I was telling hubby how different he looks now. Where has my little baby gone? 

During his first birthday we threw a mini birthday celebration among relatives. As the years go by, the celebration gets less and less elaborated. However, we will make it a point to bring him to somewhere he likes for the day. This time he asked for Port of Lost Wonder.

He is no longer scared of this green covered slide and went on it for infinity times.

Observing the water flowing down
Small J riding on Daddy's back

He has been looking forward to his birthday for a long time. Unlike previous years when he didn't know his birthday. For the past few months, he has been saying his birthday is coming and telling us to listen to him on his special day to do what he wants. As the day gets nearer, he started pretending that he is going to have a big birthday party. He went around telling everyone that his birthday is on Saturday and he is inviting them to his birthday party. He even mentioned that his party has a big and delicious chocolate strawberry cake, tarts and snacks and even games! 

This boy is so funny! While I laughed at his ideas, deep-down I actually felt sad and sorry that I am not able to give him a birthday party that he wished for. Sorry baby. 

On the day of celebration, I told him that the cake shop had no more cakes left. The next moment, he started showing this face and cried. He is that upset about not getting his cake.

That evening, we got him a cake as promised and had a mini celebration with the family. 

Kor, is the cake nice?

Happy Birthday to You!

A family photo. Look at Small J...Haha

On his development side, the past year had been quite challenging due to his sensory issue. He is very scared of loud sounds and every time when there are loud sounds, he will cry so badly. Fortunately, he has learnt to overcome his fear by knowing to cover his ears when it gets too loud. However, he is still put off by sudden loud sounds. We hope that he will be more fearless as time goes by.

On this learning side, we are still quite worried about him not knowing how to write. We hope the school and with the influence of his peers, he will learn how to write properly. On the bright side, he is really into reading. His teacher commented that he is able to read a simple book. He is also constantly asking us what the signs or books around us reads.

This year, Big J is also into taking photos, or rather playing with the camera on the phone. Hubby and me always find interesting photos that he has taken with our phones. He especially loves taking selfies of himself.

Happy Birthday my darling first born! Looking forward to more fabulous years ahead!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday, little Big J!

  2. Happy 5th Birthday, Big J! More adventures to come! You can try getting some letter tracing books with texture for him to feel as he runs through the letters or perhaps, make it fun with "writing" using those dot-a-dot markers ? Am sure he will pick it up just as how he is starting to ask questions when he feels curious.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not trying to put pressure on him and hope he wil start showing interest soon.

  3. Happy birthday dear Big J!! May you grow up strong and healthy, and continue to bring joy to all that you meet :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Haha... Birthday celebrations for us has also downgraded from a full-blown indoor playground party in the first year to grab-a-cake-off-the-counter-and-cut-it-at-home by the fifth year.

    1. Lol.. That's the same as us. Perhaps future years will downgrade even more.

  5. Happy Birthday J1! May you be healthy and happy and bring lots of love and joy to those around you :)

  6. Hello Jolin! First time reading your blog and coincidentally, I shared about my boy's (1st) birthday too!

    You have such a lovely family & your boys are adorable! Happy belated birthday to Big J! :)

  7. Happy Birthday Big J and It felt so good to see those photos of them enjoying on their own.

  8. Happy Bday to the big little boy!! I totally agree with your concept of considering bday as just another day of life and not give overemphasis on it.