Passport Application for Small J

by - Thursday, March 03, 2016

Yipee! We are going for a family trip to Taiwan in about a month's time. This is our first family trip overseas (not considering Sentosa) and we are so excited about it. 

We have decided not to join a group tour and that means there are a lot of homework to do. After months of research we finally confirmed our travelling date, booked our tickets, booked a driver, confirmed our itinerary and booked our accommodation! Phew... so many things to do. 

Now, the next step is to check our passport. All of us have a valid passport except for Small J. We get down to applying a passport for him.


There are 3 methods for application of passport - by Post/Deposit Box, apply personally at the Counter at ICA or by Online application. The passport fee for applications at the Counter is $80 and $70 for applications via Online or by Post/Deposit Box. More details of the different methods of application can be found here.

We choose to apply via Online because it is cheaper and less paperwork.


For Big J, we took his passport photo ourselves. If I didn't remember wrongly, the photo submission went through without any problems. So this time, we decided to take a passport photo of Small J ourselves too. We ended up with lots of candid photos.

1: Wahh!
2: Hehehe 

3: Look! A bird just flew past the window.

4: Eyes closed, cannot make it.

One of the photos (not shown here), looked kinda ok and we submitted it with the application. A few days later, we received an email stating that the photo FAILED the requirement. The reason was 'Photo image has an uneven brightness'.

Ok, so we tried again.

1: Wahh! (again)
2: Being cheeky

3: Mummy, why you keep taking photos of me?

4: Are we done yet??

I admit defeat. It is much more harder to take a proper photo this time, compared to during Big J's time. Big J had his photo taken when he was much younger and hence there was not so much movement and cheekiness from him.

We walked past a photo shop one day, and decided to outsource the job to the professionals. After a few clicks, we got one which meet the requirements, but he looks super nerdy! Well, that's the downside of asking someone else to take the photo. We feel paiseh to keep asking them to retake so we took the nerdy one. We paid $8 for a digital copy in a CD.

There are a number of guidelines for the passport photo. More information and examples of what is accepted and what is not, can be found here.


After you have obtained a suitable photo, you will need to crop and resize it to the acceptable file size and dimension specifications using the Image Editing Tool by ICA. If you are tech savvy, you should have no problem doing this step. However, if you need help, you may refer to this User Guide for the Image Editing Tool.


Next, we submit our application online. To begin, you will need to have your SingPass and the following information on hand:

The rest of the steps are quite simple, just follow the instructions and fill in the correct information. After submitting the application, you will be prompted to pay the application fee. We paid using Credit Card and the process is just like any online purchase.


After waiting for 1 week plus, we received a notification from ICA that the passport is ready for collection. Yeah! No more trying to take more photos.

We also received a notification by post, which is a pink card to inform us that the passport is ready for collection.

We made an appointment via the link in the email or here to collect the passport.


On the day of collection, Daddy J went with Small J. As we have already made an appointment earlier, we do not need to wait too long to collect the passport. The whole process was a breeze and Daddy J said it took less than half an hour to get it done.

Taiwan here we come!!

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  1. My passport photos ALWAYS fail one. So I had to learn how to photoshop photos (make the background totally white and even out the lighting) until they pass. Yeah, all to save a few dollars on outsourcing our family's passport photos.

    1. You the best! A pity that I don't have photoshop and don't know how to use it to edit.

  2. We had a tough time taking Noah's passport photo when he was younger too! My husband just went click-click-click and took as many photos as he could, hoping that there would be ONE good photo at least. Haha.
    Enjoy your trip to Taiwan! We love Taiwan, with its great local food and markets. Have fun!

    1. Thank you! We are really looking forward to the trip, eating & shopping everyday. Hope the kids will be cooperative.

  3. It is always exciting to get your child's FIRST passport!! And in Singapore, the system makes it so easy and fuss-free to get one. I think the only fuss might be getting the passport photo right, especially if you have a cheeky child. We keep the passport photos of our kids from previous years to compare how different (or not) they look. Enjoy Taiwan!

    1. I agree that the system is really fuss free and don't have to make so many trips to the ICA. Kids grow really fast. My #1 already don't look like his younger self anymore.

  4. It took me some time to take proper photos for my children! In the end their photos were approved, but mine was rejected haha!

  5. I still remember having to take passport photos for my newborns. Lauren and Georgia were both less than one month old and the number of failed photos now makes a very cute collage of facial expressions!

  6. yay congrats!! have a fun and safe trip!! and eat lots hahaha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  7. Haha small J is so cheeky in all his passport shot! Have a great time in Taiwan. We took Sophie there when she was 4 years old and she still remembers most of the places we went, especially the Flying Cow Ranch and Baby Boss! Have a great time there.

  8. We recently had to retake Dana's photo because there was very tiny reflections in her glasses. But it's still a breeze overall compared to other countries so no complaints. Enjoy Taiwan, we love it too!

  9. We did similarly for Yasmin's passport photos too. Getting her to stand on a chair to get that white background in place got me and her into giggles. Plus, she likes to grin and show "no eyes". A lot of NGs, hahahah!! Congrats on getting the passport and enjoy your travels with it :)

  10. i took 50 of Faye to get one good shot for her passport hahah