A Week in my Life as a Blogging Mum

by - Friday, April 08, 2016

It has been slightly more than a year since I become a SAHM. The only other job I have, apart from being a Mum, is being a blogger. 

Many people have the misconception that bloggers are having a good life, always getting invites to events, getting free products and getting paid to write an article. However, not many people know that it is actually not an easy job. It takes a lot of time and effort to write up a post and maintaining the blog. As a mum blogger, all these have to be done in between the daily tasks and responsibilities of being a Mum.

How to I manage a balance between all these? My motto is family and self first. Here's sharing how a week in my life is.


Weekdays usually have the same routine everyday.

Every morning, I will wake at 6.30am to prepare breakfast, wake Big J to prepare for school and send him to school. When I get home it is about 8.30am. Before Hubby leave for work, I get to spend about 10 min with him and Small J. Then it's time for Hubby to send Small J to my Mum's place. After they leave, I have about 2 hours left to do the morning chores before cooking lunch and leaving to pick-up J from school.

Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays are laundry days. On these day, I will start the machine the moment I wake up, before going about with the morning routine. The clothes will be ready for me to hang out when I am back from school.

Mondays and Thursdays mornings are dedicated for heavy housework days. Apart from doing laundry, I will also be vacuum-ing and mopping the floor and cleaning up furnitures surfaces.
22 Mar 0845 - Washing up the dishes from morning breakfast

24 Mar 0900 - Picking up the toys from the morning playtime

Tuesdays and Fridays are grocery day, so I will spend some time in the morning to think about what I am going to cook for the next few days. Sometimes, I might surf the Internet to look for inspirations and end up spending the whole morning on the Net looking at other stuffs too. I then note down what I need to buy during the grocery trip later in the evening on my phone.

22 Mar 0900 - Jotting down what I need to buy on

On non-housework days, I will also be looking for ideas for our homelearning and planning what we are going to do in the afternoon.

If there are any pockets of free time (usually there will be no time left), these will be spent on checking/replying email, sharing my blog post on FB or IG, reading other blogs or just surfing the Net.

It's 10.30am and it is time to start preparing for lunch. Since there are only Big J and me eating, lunch is usually a simple affair. I love using my Electric Lunch Box for our meals.

22 Mar 1045 - Preparation for lunch
We are having steam rice, steam salmon and a stir-fry veg.

After lunch is prepared, it is time to pick-up Big J from his school. We reached home and have our lunch. After lunch, I will help him to shower and he gets to enjoy some playtime while I clean up the dishes from our lunch.

It's 1.30pm and it's naptime! The little boy still requires me to accompany him to sleep, so I have to stay in the room with him until he falls asleep. Sometimes, I will fall asleep together with him. If I managed to stay awake, I will leave the room after he has fallen asleep to do some blogging work or preparation for the afternoon activities.

3pm and he wakes. We will have a small snack and do some craft or learning activities.

21 Mar 1530 - Doing some spray painting at the corridor

23 Mar 1545 - Q-tip painting

After we are done with the activities, it will be playtime until it is time to go to mum's place for dinner. Sometime we will leave earlier to go to the library and the supermarket.

Tuesdays and Fridays are grocery days. I will drop by the supermarket to pick up the groceries before proceeding to mum's place.

22 Mar 1730 - Grocery shopping

Sometimes, the boys will have some playground time before dinner.

23 Mar 1815 - Playground!

It's dinner time at about 6.30pm. On weekdays, we always have dinner at mum's place. This is really a bliss. The boys will play around with their grandparent, uncle and aunt until it is time to go home.

When we are back at our home, it is time to get the boys ready for bed. Milk, toilet, pjs, bedtime stories, all checked! As usual, I will stay in the room with them until they fall asleep. While waiting, I will be checking FB or watching YouTube and dramas. And yes, I doze off on some days too.

It is about 10.00pm, and if I managed to keep myself awake, it is time for some blogging work. These could be checking/replying email, editing pictures or drafting a post. If I'm not writing on my blog, I will be surfing the Internet, FB, YouTube or dramas.

As we are leaving for a short trip to Malacca over the Good Friday weekend, hubby and I spent some time to pack our luggage the night before the trip. Didn't managed to capture any photos because we were so tired after packing and need to wake early the next day.

I try to sleep by 12midnight, but on most days I work past the curfew I set for myself. These days, I'm hooked on dramas and have been neglecting my blog and sleep.

23 Mar 0030 - Still watching DOTS


Since it was the Good Friday long weekend, we went for a short trip to Malacca. More about this trip HERE. I guess this will take me some time to get the blogpost out because I'm too busy with the daily chores and chasing dramas.

25 Mar 0930 - Caught in a massive jam

25 Mar 1930 - Exploring Jonker Street

26 Mar 1100 - Discovering the heritage of Malacca

26 Mar 1200 - Climbing up a hill to discover A Famosa

27 Mar 0900 - Enjoying a very delicious bowl of old school mee hoon kuey


This is part of a blog train by the Singapore Parent Bloggers to share about a week in the life of these Daddy or Mummy bloggers.

Next up on the blog train is Phoebe from BPDGTravels. Be sure to catch up on her post tomorrow.

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  1. Way to go, mummy! love how organised you are.
    On a side note, DOTS is very bad for beauty sleep. I got hooked on it too. lolx

  2. My kids too, believe that blogging is cool and fun (and easy).
    They just need to eat, play, pose and enjoy. I need to curate, select photo and craft a story line haha.

    Love the Mee Hoon Kuey photo! So old school 古早味!

    cheers, Andy