Busy Bag Exchange 3

by - Tuesday, June 14, 2016

This is a super overdue post. I previously blogged about the busy bag exchanges which I have taken part. Following the second busy bag exchange, I took part in the third exchange. However, I got too busy with life that I didn't have the time to blog about the third exchange.

Here's catching up on my backlog. Pardon me if I am not able to credit the respective mommies for their busy bags because it had been so long and I have forgotten who did what. I did my best to search the Internet for the sources of these busy bags in case you are interested in creating one for your little ones too.

For this exchange, I created two busy bags - one for the preschooler's group and one for the toddler's group. I will be sharing more information as to how I created these in a separate post. Click here for the Free Printable for Feed the Bunny & Pin the Tail game

Feed the bunnies with the corresponding number of carrots and colour matching.
Inspiration from here
Free printable here.

Alligator Chomp. Learning about which number is bigger or smaller.
Inspiration from here and here.

Here are the busy bags that I had gotten in exchange.

Transportation theme activities.
Sorting water/land/sky, Matching shapes to colours from here.
Shadow matching from here.
Matching memory game from here.

Sewing activities

I-Spy game from here.

Gingerbread man counting from here.

Alphabet tracing roads. Similiar one found here.

Colour sorting activity.
The coloured pencils are post-its from Daiso. (Not sure if it is still available now)

Yellow sensory bag

Chinese handwriting.
You can create these writing worksheets from here.

Tangram and shapes activities.
Build a truck from here.

Colour or Number sorting from here. This box is from Daiso.

Tic-Tac-Toe game

Words and spelling activities.
Can't find the source.
Pebbles are from ArtFriend. I recently saw these flat pebbles at Daiso too. Letters from Daiso.

Time telling activities.
Can't find the exact source. But can find many similar ones by doing a search on Google.

Alphabet matching puzzles from here.

Counting paper clips from here.

Counting with magnets from here.

Numbers lacing from here.

Play dough mat


Matching bottle caps to the card. Putting the number of pom poms in the caps.

Texture cards

Montessori inspired smelling activity

If you are keen to form your own busy bag exchange, don't forget to check out the busy bag exchange tips. You can also read more about the busy bag exchange that we had.

Busy Bag Exchange 1 (free printable)
Busy Bag Exchange 2 - Toddler (free printable)
Busy Bag Exchange 2 - Preschooler
Busy Bag Exchange 3
Busy Bag Exchange Tips
Pin the Bunny Tail (free printable)

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  1. Looks fun! Too bad I don't have time to participate too :(

  2. Love the bags! I'm a big busy bag fan too!