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by - Saturday, June 25, 2016

I mentioned in Busy Bag Exchange 3 that I made a Bunny colour matching and number recognition activity for the busy bag exchange. I can still remember how busy I was trying to complete the bags then. Itchy backside me decided to do two crafts that require lots of cutting and laminating. I immediately regretted my choice after I had cut the first few bunnies. But no choice, have to persevere and finish the whole thing.

This is the finished product of everything. I need to make 12 sets. Each set has 10 bunnies (numbers 1 to 10), 20 carrots and 10 pom poms. For 12 sets, that will be 120 bunnies, 240 carrots and 120 pom poms! If that still doesn't scare you, each bunny has two sides (more about that later), which means I cut a total of 240 bunnies! After doing this, I totally has a phobia of cutting.

So, my August was spent mostly on cutting. Each time when hubby asked me what am I doing, my answer was 'cut bunnies' and 'cut carrots'. I even had to bring along a bag of the bunnies and carrots everywhere I went so that I could cut them when there was any free time.

I got this idea from From ABCs to ACTs. From the blog post, this activity doesn't seem too difficult to make. Just print, laminate, cut and it's ready to play. To play this, simply match the pom poms to the corresponding colour bunny.

However, to make this activity more extended and has more variety of play, I decided to add on numbers to the other side of the bunnies. With the numbers, kids can do a variety of number games. I also added carrots so that they can feed the bunnies the corresponding number of carrots.

The original post has eight colours. Looking at the amount of ink I needed to print 12 sets is quite daunting, so I decided to print it on colour paper instead. Furthermore, I am planning to do 10 bunnies for numbers 1 to 10, I had to make some changes to the original template. 

The bunny that has no number will be the colour matching side while the bunnies with numbers will be the other side. I tried to print double sided but I couldn't get the alignment such that both sides are correctly aligned. Therefore, for each bunny I have to cut 2 pieces and glue them together. 

After cutting and sticking the bunnies together, I run them through the laminator and cut the final bunnies out. 

For the carrots, I did not make it double-sided (too much work). I print, cut, laminate and cut again. I do it this way so that each carrots will have a laminated binding all around it and hence more durable. But it will be more time-consuming because you will need to arrange the carrots carefully on the laminating sheets, leaving a gap in between each carrots. (Tip: dot some glue on the back of the carrot and stick it to the laminating sheet. This will prevent the pieces from moving about when you try to transfer to the laminating machine.) If you want to save time, you could print, laminate then cut. 

Finally, it is time to make the tails of the bunnies. You will notice I have 2 green bunnies. That's because I couldn't find brown pom poms. The pom poms are from Art Friend, $6 for 100 pieces for 8 colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white). I got pink from Daiso. 

I hot glue the furry side of the velcro dots to the pom poms and stick the rough side to the bunnies. The velcro dots are from here but she is no longer coordinating the sales of these velcro dots. Alternatively, you can get the normal strip type of velcro from Daiso and cut it accordingly. Else, you can also get these from TaoBao.

This is the final product. The child can stick the pom poms to the bunnies or feed them with the carrots. 

Unfortunately, the pom poms sticks too tough to the bunnies. It is quite difficult for kids to pull away the tail without spoiling the pom poms. My boys tried a few times and the fur of the pom poms came out together with the velcro which is hot glued to it. So sad! 

I was thinking to replace the pom poms with laminated circles instead. But this will not have the sensory effect compared to using pom poms.

Another way is to use playdough. Roll the playdough into balls and pin it to the bunnies. For colour matching, you will need playdough of the different colours.

In the end, I use magnets instead. I hot glue the magnets pieces to the pom poms. Place the bunnies on a magnetic board (white board or baking tray) and get your child to match the tails to the bunnies.

If you are interested in making this game for your child, I have included the printable below. 

If you find this printable useful and would like to share with your friends, may I ask that you direct them to this blog post instead of giving them the file directly? Your respect is much appreciated. Thank you very much!

If you are keen to form your own busy bag exchange, don't forget to check out the busy bag exchange tips. You can also read more about the busy bag exchange that we had.

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  1. such a cute activity... wish i found these when my kids are younger.

  2. Omg I'm super envious of your kids. I tried creating such activities for my girls but they get tired of them very quickly. This one looks very fun! Lucky boys you have.

  3. Omg. So much effort can??? I see already also scared haha. But i love your set, the colours and all. Dun suppose can use those cutters (those press & cut out?) to help you with your next activity? There is another fb seller that has velcro but dunno if she has these smaller ones. Can try Mami Janet's Greatest Deals@

  4. So cute bunnies on colourful paper, lots of effort from mama!

  5. OMG your kids are super lucky. So much effort. You make me feel ashamed!

  6. Looks fun but it is a lot of effort!

  7. Wow I saw this at one of the preschooler resources page! Thanks for sharing how you make this. =)

  8. Very cute and useful... will share this post with my readers too. Great job!!

  9. Woah trust you to always make such lovely crafts for your kids' homelearning materials!
    Kudos to you, thumbs up!