Busy Tables: Yummy Dough Workshop

by - Friday, July 15, 2016

During the June school holidays, we visited a wonderful playground called Busy Tables located at Rochester Mall. It is a learning playground with lots of educational toys and learning resources designed for young children between 0 to 5 years old. You can read about our review of Busy Tables here.

Apart from the play area, Busy Tables conducts workshops too. We attended one of the workshops, Yummy Dough Workshop, run by Play Bake Eat.

What is Yummy Dough

To put it simply, Yummy Dough is a dough that is safe to be eaten raw or baked. If your child love playing with play dough, I'm sure you had worried about him/her of eating the dough. I remember Small J used to try putting Playdoh into his mouth when he was much younger and I had to keep close supervision when he is playing with it. Manufactured in Germany, Yummy Dough is like a cookie dough that the child can mix and mould into shapes, then finally baked and eaten. Perfectly safe!

Yummy Dough Workshop

Back to the workshop proper, after the boys put on their aprons and cleaned their hands, we get started on making our cookies. Today, we are making a name plate and hence the boys get to choose the letter of their names first.

After that, we started mixing the dough. The mix comes in pouches. All we have to do is to pour the mix into a mixing a bowl and add in 15ml of water using the syringe provided. That's it! Only powder and water, how fuss free!

Then, it is the physical demanding part. The boys tried to mix the dough together but it is quite difficult for them to knead because it requires some strength for this.

With some help from the adults, the dough are finally kneaded and now is the time to get creative. The boys rolled out the dough and cut them to shapes using the moulding tools and cookie cutters provided. The dough mix comes in 4 main colours, Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. You can actually create more colours from these 4 colours by kneading the different colours dough together, eg, red + yellow = orange.

I mentioned earlier that the cookie dough can be eaten raw right? That's exactly what Big J did.

"Yummy Dough is yummy! Yummy Dough can be eaten but Playdoh cannot."

There are also templates provided for making more advanced figures. But the boys are more interested in making simple shapes because they can't wait to finish baking them and start eating them. The finished pieces are placed on a parchment paper and into the oven they go.

After a 10 - 15 minutes wait, the cookies are done! I love how prominent the colours look! The boys of course can't wait to eat but I had to tell them to wait because the cookies are still too hot to be eaten. I also told them we should bring this home to show Daddy.

Look at him! Big J is extremely pleased with his cookies and secretly took a few bites.

Back at home, the boys couldn't wait to finish their dinner so that they could eat their cookies. I took a bite and it taste alright, not as sweet as the commercial cookies we eat. The boys however felt that the cookies taste super good as they finished everything in a flash. 

Play Bake Eat

Play Bake Eat are the distributors of Yummy Dough in Singapore. They offer the following services:

  • Yummy Dough Workshops
  • Packages for Birthday Parties
  • Events for Children
  • Product Distribution
  • Partnership with retailers, pre-schools and more

E-mail: contactus@play-bake-eat.com
Web | Facebook

Busy Tables

Address: 35 Rochester Drive, Rochester Mall, #03-22, Singapore 138639. (Buona Vista MRT)
Email: Busytables@gmail.com
Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday 10am to 7.30pm 
Do to check their Facebook Page for announcement of closure timing due to private playdate sessions.

Yummy Dough is also available for sale at Busy Tables. Do check out Busy Tables Facebook Page for updates of upcoming workshops.

Click here to read our review of Busy Tables.


We are giving away 5 Busy Tables play passes to 5 lucky winners. Details of the giveaway is in this link. Giveaway ends Friday, 22 July 2016, 11:59pm. Sharing is caring, share this good news with your friends!

Disclaimer: We were invited to the Yummy Dough Workshop by Busy Tables for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was involved. All opinions, texts and photos are mine, unless otherwise stated.

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  1. Wow looks fun and tasty! Doesn't look like it's edible leh haha

    1. It is! It is cookie dough and can be eaten raw or baked.