Workboxes #1

by - Friday, September 30, 2016

I have been feeling guilty that I am not able to spend as much time on teaching Small J. He is 3 years old but he still doesn't know his colours, letters or numbers. He will be going to nursery next year, and being a kiasu mum, I hope he will at least know some of these concepts when he starts school. 

I have decided to start homelearning with him and hopefully he will love this as much as playing with his trains, cars and balls. 

Part of my plan is to set up workboxes for him to work on. We call it playboxes instead. These will mainly focus on fine motor skills which is so important for preschoolers. Another plan for these workboxes is for Big J to fine tune his fine motor skills. Unfortunately, Big J has some issues with his fine motor skills and so he really needs a lot of practice. 

Here are our first workboxes:

Inserting Small Counters Into Slots

This is a very simple one. He will need to insert the small counters into the slots on the box. The box was actually wrapped and each slot has a colour to match to the counters. But the boys ripped out the wrapper before I could take a proper photo. The counters are from Amazon.

Sorting Items By Size

That particular week we were learning the words 大, 中, 小 during our Chinese lesson, so I set up this basket of stuffs for the boys to sort according to size.

Blocks Counting On Truck

The template of the truck is from The Measured Mom. This is one of my favourite educational website for learning resources. The blocks are from Amazon. The boys will need to pick a number and load the required number of blocks onto the truck. Big J is working on numbers to 20 and Small J is working on numbers to 5.

Screwing Bottle Caps

I prepared 5 bottles of different sizes and the kids need to match the bottles to the correct caps and screw them on. I thought this is will be a very easy task, but I realised that Small J is not screwing the caps the correct way. Instead of turning the cap to close the bottle, he turn the bottle. 

Sorting By Letters

This box was set up with Big J in mind. He knows all the letter sounds and totally breezes through this. For Small J, we only did one letter at a time and I say the name of the pictures with emphasis on the beginning sound for him. You may get this from The Measured Mom again.

Waterplay With Gems

We also did a waterplay with glass gems and plastic pebbles. The boys scooping, tonging, pouring, counting with these. I am glad that the boys are better in controlling themselves while doing waterplay. Instead of splashing and pouring the water all over the floor, they are now able to sit and play nicely.

For those interested, the dark blue glass gems are from ArtFriend and the light blue ones are from Daiso.

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  1. These are nice! My water related ones are at the wash basin though. I give my son baking soda & vinegar and some beakers to make explosions and what not!