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by - Monday, April 10, 2017

Picture this: Laundry lying around, toys thrown all over the house, sink that always seems to have some dirty dishes in it and there is always a layer of dust on some shelves and cabinets. To be honest, our house is not in a spick and span condition most of the time. In fact, if anyone wants to visit our house, we will be busy doing some last minute hiding clean up before welcoming anyone. 

Furthermore, with two young children at home, it is really difficult to keep things clutter free and tidy. You know it! Just minutes after tidying an area, a kid comes along bringing out his toys and starts playing on the floor, often forgetting to keep everything back after playing. Sometimes, I could be in the midst of doing housework when one of the boys decides to ask me to read or play with him.

'Please excuse our messy house, our kids are making memories.'

At times, I wish I could just drop all the housework and just spend time with the boys. Of course, that is not possible. So how do we manage everything? My tip is to close one eye, occasionally, both eyes. I do not want to spend my precious time and energy on housework, so I make do with things just being ok. It is ok to have laundry lying on the sofa for a few days when I am busy attending to sick children. It is ok not to vacuum the floor every day when we have a busy schedule to keep to. It is ok to leave some dust on the high and difficult to reach shelves and cabinets when the kids can’t reach these dusty areas. 

An easier method to tackle the housework is to engage external help. However, getting a stay-in helper is not something that we, as a single income family, can afford. I also do not feel comfortable to have someone else living together with us. Furthermore, if I am staying at home, I should be the one cleaning up the house, isn't it?

Another alternative is to engage a part-time helper! About half a year back, I got to know about uBook and was offered an opportunity to review their service. I was so happy because that really took a big load of my housework load and I got to spend more time with my little ones.

What is uBook?

uBook is an online portal offering part-time cleaning services. You can choose to book a cleaner on an ad-hoc or recurring basis. For a fee from $20/hour onwards, a cleaner will come by your house for some basic cleaning. These include wiping and dusting of surfaces, vacuuming and mopping of floors, cleaning of toilets and shower stalls, making of beds, washing dishes, tidying clutters in a simple manner, etc. You may also add on additional cleaning hours for the following extra services: ironing, cleaning interior windows, fridge, cabinets, oven, etc. For more information on the services provided please check here

How to book?

It is very fast and easy to book a uBook helper online! Just go to uBook’s website, click on ‘Book Maid’, fill in the form and submit it. Payment is done securely online via credit card and payment will only be deducted after the cleaning job is done.

Three days before the cleaning day, a reminder is sent via SMS and E-mail to remind you of the cleaning appointment.

Service review

Every alternate week, a helper from uBook will come over to our house to help out with the housework load.

Of all the housework chores, ironing is something I don't really enjoy, especially hubby's working shirts. I have a tendency to pile up the clothes until hubby starts saying he has no clothes to wear. Oops!! I'm so blessed that I have help from uBook for these couple of months and I'm able to take a break from the ironing.

Apart from ironing, which is an add-on service, uBook also helped me with the basic cleaning, such as washing the two toilets, vacuuming and mopping the floor and wiping of surfaces. I'm surprised that the helper can finish all these within 3 hours, sometimes even earlier! If it were me, I am sure I will not be able to finish all these within the stipulated time, because I will be distracted by the kids and social media.

Having someone to help with these regular cleaning means I can use the free time to clear some of the long outstanding tasks on my to-do-list. For example, I managed to declutter our home learning cabinet, clean out the medicine box, packed away the clothes which the boys have outgrown, etc. It also gives me the motivation to put in more effort in maintaining the tidiness in the house, such as our dining table which more than half of its surface was used as a drop-off area for all kinds of stuff we brought in. Now it serves as our real dining table and work area for the boys.

While the helper is here, I use the time to play and learn with the boys. I'm really grateful that uBook helps me with my housework so that I can spend more time on things that matter more.

When it was near the Chinese New Year period, I requested for another add-on service, cleaning the windows. In past years, I will be slogging to declutter and clean the house up till the last minute before the festival. This year, I had the help from uBook, which makes spring cleaning so much easier and faster! Since they had taken care of the regular cleaning, I was able to concentrate my efforts in decluttering!

There were a few occasions when I need to leave the house to run some errands and I am assured by uBook that I can safely leave the house to the helper and run along with my errands. Frankly, I was quite worried about this. What if something goes missing or something happened? uBook assured me that stringent checks are conducted on their helpers - they interview them in person and must pass criminal records checks. This is to ensure a safe and reliable helper for their clients. Indeed, when I came home from my errands, the house was tidied up and nothing valuable was missing.

Over the past 6 months, we were assigned with different cleaners to let us have a feel of how different cleaners worked. I really like a few of them and I requested if I can have the same helper for future cleaning. 'Sure!' was the reply from uBook. Since each cleaner is different, their working style is also different. Some like to do the ironing last while some like to do it first. Some like to clean room by room while some like to do the same chore for the whole house first. Some are very detailed with the cleaning while some try to get as much cleaning done as possible. It was entirely fine for me as long as they can finish everything.

Overall, the whole cleaning experience was great. My house gets cleaned and ironing gets done. There were a few issues with punctuality due to bad traffic conditions. I am ok with that since I will be at home anyway. However, this could be a problem for customers who have a very tight schedule. The helpers are friendly and reliable. I only need to brief them what need to be done, provide them with the cleaning tools and they get started right away. After the cleaning session, uBook also contacted me to ask if the cleaning session was fine and if I have any feedback so that they can improve their service in the future.

I am fortunate that uBook has offered to help me out on the housework chores front. This has given me some relief from the daily never ending housework. At least, I do not need to do heavy cleaning on that particular lucky day when uBook comes by.


Operating hours: 8am to 7pm
Contact/SMS/Whatsapp: 9898 7339
Email: enquiry@ubook.com.sg
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Disclaimer: We were sponsored cleaning sessions with uBook for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was involved. All opinions, texts and photos are mine, unless otherwise stated.

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