My Little Climbing Room

by - Thursday, September 28, 2017

Last weekend, we were invited to a media preview of My Little Climbing Room. As the name suggests, it is an indoor playground where little ones can do lots of climbing.

The room isn't really that big but there are enough activities to keep the kids occupied for the whole session of 90 minutes. And there are activities to keep both the older and younger kids busy! 

Before You Start

Upon arrival, parents and children will be given a tag and be shown a safety video. Kids will be given a set of challenge card, and upon completion, they can exchange it for a small gift.

There is a shelf where you can leave your bags. Beside it, is a small bench for anyone to take a rest.

There are also instructors around to guide and help. Here, Big J is putting on his harness with the help from the instructor. For safety, every child must wear grip socks and it is recommended to wear long pants. Parents must also accompany and supervise their child while they are climbing.

After getting ready, it is time to explore the place! Each session last 90 minutes, with 30 minutes of free-play, 30 minutes of group games and followed by another 30 minutes of free play. On weekdays when it is unlimited play, group games will be conducted every 2 hours.

AR Wall

This is the favourite wall for Big J. He will need to climb up the wall to tap the white dots. There is a timer to record the time taken to tap all the dots. He keeps going back to this wall, because it is interactive and he has to do it as fast as he can. I think it will be more fun if the position of the dots can change after each round.

Obstacle Wall

At this wall, the child will have to climb their way through the obstacles of hula hoops and poles.

Number Wall

This is another interactive wall. The child will spin a number and climb up the wall to touch the corresponding number.

The above three walls, AR wall, Obstacle wall and the Number wall, are catered towards the younger children, who might be afraid to climb or scare of heights. These walls are shorter and the holds are closer together to suit the children's smaller built. They are also highly interactive to motivate them to give it a try. As they become better at it, it helps to build up their confidence to try out the higher walls.

There is no need for the child to use a belay for these walls and there are safety mats below to cushion the child. Parents are encouraged to hold on to the child for safety purposes, especially if the child is still not familiar with climbing. Big J likes jumping down instead of climbing down, and I don't have to worry much because the safety pads here are quite thick. Though I still nag at him for jumping.

High Wall

I especially love the vibrant colours of these wall. There are four 4-meters high wall that challenge the more daring kids. Remember the challenge cards that I mentioned earlier? These are the walls that the child will need to conquer to complete the challenges.

At the side of each wall, there is a challenge card which suggests different ways of play and difficulty levels.

Among the four walls, the red wall is the easiest. Even Small J, who is 4 years old, can climb all the way to the top, of course, with daddy holding on to the rope at the bottom. Initially, I was wondering why is it not the instructors holding the rope. Then they say, this is actually for the parents and child to bond. Instead of sitting at one corner, looking down on the phone, parents are encouraged to play together. If you need help, the instructors will be most happy to help.

Big J has no problems with all the walls. I didn't know he likes rock climbing until we visited this place. He thoroughly enjoyed the whole session!

Because, you have been seeing too much of the back view of the kids, here is one with the front view. This is a great spot for photo-taking!

Hangout Zone

If your child is tired from all the climbing, they can hang out at the monkey bar or do some swinging on the wreaking ball.

Or if they are not interested in doing any climbing, they might want to try some of these wheelies or try balancing.

For younger siblings, they have some simple toys, such as cars and a play kitchen, to keep them occupy while their older siblings climb,

Group Game

The session also includes Group Game which involves all the children. After the first 30 minutes of free-play, the climbing walls are closed and children will join in the group game. We played a game of Shark Attack!

When the lights in the room is blue, the children will pretend that they are fishes swimming in the ocean. They will be free to run about.

And when the lights turn red, the shark will come out and the fishes (children) will need to quickly climb up the wall to escape from the shark. The children were so excited that the room was filled with their laughter and screams.

After 30 minutes of group game, the children are go back to their climbing activities for another 30 minutes before the session ends. On weekdays, when it is unlimited play, group game will run every 2 hours.

Before leaving the place, don't forget to check out the photo wall to redeem your free photo printout!


My Little Climbing Room provides a safe and comfortable environment for children to do rock climbing. Each session has a max capacity of 15 kids so that there is no overcrowding. Each child must also be accompanied by an adult.

Some of the safety precautions they took includes adding a slow release pulley at the top of the wall so the descend is more controlled and requires less effort to hold. There are also safety mats in place to cushion your child. I can say these mats are quite thick and my active boys have no problem falling onto the mats. Their instructors are also present to supervise the activities at all times and to render any help.

The climbing walls are built by Climb Asia, the top wall builder in Singapore and parent company of Climb Central. And it is also built to the same safety standards as regular climbing walls for adults.

It is recommended to dress your child in long pants and comfortable clothing without any hard or sharp objects on them. All climbers are also required to wear Grip Socks. For hygiene purposes, everyone else are required to wear socks. There are socks for sales at the counter if you forget to bring one.

One of my biggest concern doing rock climbing is safety, so I am glad that My Little Climbing Room put in their best effort to ensure that our children can play in a safe environment.

Admission Fees

Each session has a capacity limit of 15 children. So be sure to make your booking online before visiting the place.

Grand Opening

My Little Climbing Room is having their grand opening is this coming weekend, 30 Sep & 1 Oct 2017! For that, they are having a special promotion. As they have a max capacity of 15 kids per session, do book early to avoid disappointment!


Thanks to My Little Climbing Room, we have 2 pairs of entry passes to give away to 2 lucky readers! (Each winner will get 2 entry passes)

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My Little Climbing Room

Opening hours:
Thursday & Friday: 2pm - 8pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday: 10am - 8pm

Promenade @ Pelikat
183 Jalan Pelikat, #B1-101 Singapore (537643)
For more information on getting there, please check here.

Contact No: 9726 3650

Web  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Disclaimer: We were invited for a media preview of My Little Climbing Room for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was involved. All opinions, texts and photos are mine, unless otherwise stated.

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