New Year's Activities for Kids

by - Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017 is coming to an end soon. Big J will be embarking on a new journey as he enters Primary 1 next year. Small J will be attending a new kindergarten in 2018. With so many changes to come for the new year, we hardly have time to do much learning activities. I remembered we had a blast in 2016 to welcome in the new year. So, here are some activities that we did in 2016 to welcome the new year.  I hope these will be inspiring to you to do some New Year's activities with your kiddos.

A Year in Review

The first activity we did was to review the events that had happened over the past year. I printed the photos of some of the significant events that took place during the year and wrote the date and event on the back of the photos.

Then, I hid the cards around the house and the boys set out to find the cards.

After they found the cards, they sat down and looked at the pictures. We had lots of fun recollecting our memories.

I have them picked out a photo which they really like and record it down in their journal.

Fireworks Art

How is it a New Year party if there is no fireworks? I cut up some toilet paper rolls and flatten it so that it looks like fireworks. The boys used it to print the fireworks on the a big piece of paper.

New Year's Countdown Party

And here comes the best activity, a New Year's Countdown Party! In preparation for the party, we made our party hats and party pops. I drew out the party hat on a drawing paper and the boys were free to decorate it.

We also made party pops using a plastic cup and a balloon. They cut out the confetti from colourful tissue paper. They filled their cups with the confetti, countdown from 10 to 1 and pull the balloon. Happy New Year!! 

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