First Week of School 2018

by - Wednesday, January 10, 2018

So, the first week of school just whizzed by! It wasn't too long ago that I was still so excited about the boys going to their new school. Most excitedly, Big J is starting on his Primary 1 journey! 

Getting the stuffs ready the night before the first day of school

Talking about Big J's bag, when we brought him to get a new bag for Primary 1, he chose this very plain one. We thought he would chose those with cute, adorable prints, but he said, "I'm Primary 1 already, I don't like cartoons anymore, I want something that is plain." We were shocked! But, he is still watching his cartoons and asking us to buy toys. Duh!

First day of school! Look at how excited they were.

For Big J, the first day was spent getting to know about the school, teachers and friends and also getting used to the routine in school. A pity that parents don't get to observe how the kids are getting on in their class. Parents need to stay on in the hall for a briefing while the kids go back to their class. Then, it's recess time, the most exciting time for parents cos we get to see our kids again!

Parents stood at the perimeter of the canteen to look at their children. It was quite a messy scene as parents were eagerly looking for their precious little ones. Big J bought some sushi and that became his favourite for the next couple of days.

As for Small J, although he is attending a new kindergarten this year, he is already all familiar with the school as it was KorKor's kindergarten for the past two years. He spent the day getting to know his teachers and friends. They played some games and did some crafts. The years before primary school are always so fun! How I wish that primary school life can be more play-based too.

The biggest change we have to get used to is waking up early in the morning. Though the boys are early risers on weekends, they can't seem to turn on this power on weekdays.

Small J asked, "Why we need to wake up in the middle of the night?"

I usually get them to bed by 8.30 or 9pm the night before, but they still have trouble waking up early in the morning. Poor Small J has to wake up early too even though his school starts at 8am, cos we have to leave the house together for Big J's school.

While Small J is happily enjoying and playing in school, Big J just received his spelling list for both English and Chinese subjects. So stressful isn't it? 

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