DIY Super Mini Swimming Pool

by - Thursday, October 23, 2014

It has been a super long time since we last went swimming. The boys are still recovering from their flu and the weather has been hazy or rainy recently. 

We were at Ikea and saw this shallow bin which costs only $9! We immediately thought that it could be used for waterplay or other sensory activities for the kids. 

Here's our very mini swimming pool for the boys.

It is always a blessing to see the two of them playing together

We set up the bin with water and threw in some bowls, cups, spoons, scoops and watering can. They were super happy when they saw this. It surprised us that they were willing to play by the side of the pool. We thought they will jump into the pool immediately.

Yeah for waterplay!


And the moment came when Big J realised that  he can jump into the pool! Look at his expression!

I love swimming!

And Didi joined in too

It's raining! The boys trying to get out of the rain.

We use warm water and close the windows while they were playing. The floor can be quite slippery so do lay down some towels around the bin. We play in the kitchen and the water was used to wash the kitchen's floor. No water wasted. As with all play activities, do not leave the kids alone. Join them in the play!

Learning points:

- Scooping, Pouring, Transferring and Splashing. All these are good for strengthening the hands muscles. 
- Sharing and Turn-taking
- Warm and Cold
- To be careful when walking around the wet area and going in and out of the pool.

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