He's All Grown Up

by - Sunday, October 12, 2014

I won tickets to the Hairy Maclary show and brought Big J to watch it. It was a very entertaining and interactive play and both of us thoroughly enjoyed the show. Thanks to Mum's Calling for hosting the giveaway. 

After the show ended, we made our way out and went to the toilet. When I was about to enter the female toilet, Big J refused to follow me. He insisted that he is a boy and should use the male toilet. 

Well, I can't let him go in himself because I feel that he is too young to go in alone. Besides, I have read too many news of children being kidnapped. 

I tried telling him that we will use the handicap toilet and both females and males can use this. Of course, he refused and dashed off into the male toilet all by himself! 

Oh man, I was so nervous waiting outside! I kept praying that his shorts will not get stuck, or that he is not able to reach the tap or something might happened to cause him a meltdown. If indeed he had a meltdown, do I go in to help him?? So many thoughts running through my mind.

After a few minutes, he came out happily and said 'I am done, Mummy!' 

He's done! I checked his shorts and underwear to see if he really did pass urine. The top of his shorts and underwear were slightly rolled up, which means he really completed what he was suppose to do! 

Well done! 

Then, I told him that it is my turn and want him to follow me to the female toilet. He said 'Mummy, you go. I wait for you here.' 

I will not leave him outside alone. So I tried to explain to him why I need him to follow me. After much persuasion, he agreed to follow me in. 

He's all grown up!

I am not sure if it is just me, but... 

Is it normal for 3 years olds to go
 to the toilet all by themselves?

What is the minimum age that you 
would allow your child to go in alone?

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  1. Same here! I felt the same too when they went in to the boys toilet themselves. Recently, I have a bought a portable urinal from Qoo10 to let my 3 yrs old boy to release himself as he can't reach the toilet bowl. I tried to go to malls that have kids toilet so i can follow.

    Before that, I used to stand outside the Men toilet and shout and ask if he's doing ok and he will reply me... it's quite embarrassing but i guess the men would know.. mums.. haha..